video Turn Water Bottles Into Alcohol Fueled Rockets !
This video demonstrates how the combustion of alcohol can be used to launch water bottles very long distances with the help of a very simple launcher.

This is a very easy to make but very powerful.
blandreth2 years ago
Actually, NightHawkInLight also has an Instructable at...

I don't have an issue with someone seeing something on YouTube and putting it on Instructables as long as credit is given to each piece of the original author's work. I don't frequent YouTube but do browse Instructables. But to duplicate an Instructable and take full credit is ridiculous.
yes yes he did
You should not try to pass other people's ideas off as your own.you really should not
Nighthawkinlight heil
Jaycub2 years ago
Hey bro, you totaly stole this idea from the Youtube user "Nighthawkinlight." You even stole the thumbnail off of his video. You should not try to pass other people's ideas off as your own.

For everyone to see here is Nighthawhinlight's original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRtFY_O0HcU
coldeldc8 months ago

Not sure why everyone is getting heated up about this being taken from YouTube. This is just a minor variation on a toy I used to make more than 30 years ago so the YouTube video isn't original either. Nice that someone took the time to make some instructions though.