This is a demonstration of an easy way to hook up the Rock Band Drums for Wii to trigger MIDI drums via USB and Junxion. Junxion is an OS X program which is not free but has a demo available here:

I have more info here:

The rock band guitar works this way too.
Actually there are free ways to do this such as for the gh3 guitar can be connected to a Mac via Bluetooth with darwiin remote then set it to classic controller and use it as a keyboard in garageband
I've searched all over trying to find a way to use my Wii Rockband drum set as a midi controller, has anyone found a good program for PC?&nbsp;The ones I've found haven't worked or they had viruses. Boo!<br />
1) The headphone splitter can still receive mono input, it's the same signal, just less information.<br /> 2)&nbsp;Nope, they're the same size. Like I said, I've tried it and it works with the game. It's a little finicky because if you have both the pedals connecting at the same time, they seem to cancel each other out.<br />
If anybody has tried it, is it possible to hook two drum sets up to the computer so you have twice as many assignable pads, and a double bass? That would be awesome, but I don't have two......
the answer is yes. Junxion has things for multiple controllers.<br/>It may also be because i'm running the free 360 controller plugin from tattiebogle.net, which gives the 360 controllers their own slots (player 1, 2, 3, 4)<br/><br/>Try that plugin in if its not working out for you.... I haven't tried it without the plug-in so<sub></sub><sub> (Its awesome for n64 emulators!)</sub><br/>
For Ddouble bass, it's also easy to just grab a headphone splitter, and plug two kick pedals into it, then plug it into the drum. Tried and tested with the game, so it should probably work with this,<br />
Just an update, I got the velocity-sensitive guitar hero world tour drums for wii to work with OS X and MIDI using OSCulator, but they stop working any time you play something fast, so they're not really practical:&lt;br/&gt;h&lt;a rel=&quot;nofollow&quot; href=&quot;http://jordanbalagot.com/blog/2009/07/09/video-blog-using-guitar-hero-world-tour-wii-drums-as-midi-controllers-on-os-x-with-osculator/&quot;&gt;http://jordanbalagot.com/blog/2009/07/09/video-blog-using-guitar-hero-world-tour-wii-drums-as-midi-controllers-on-os-x-with-osculator/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br/&gt;]The USB rockband drums are more practical (albeit not velocity sensitive).&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
Yeah this should work with garageband if it's just a MIDI signal...
hey would this work with Garageband?
great idea and definitely cheaper than an electronic drum set, Is there any way to make this work for pc? cheers, mspark400
I don't know how to do it with PC, but I do know that wii controllers are bluetooth compatible.
the drum sets that come with the ps3 or 360 versions work on PC's. I have my ps3 set hooked up to my computer and it's using a Java app to make the sounds. search google for it the program. I found it on a forum call slashdot i think. though I didn't know the Wii works with macs. cool find

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