The goal of this ible is to show you how to turn your 3D printer into a plotter. I did find pen holders out there, but that was it. What I needed was a ready made solution for the pen to hop between strokes, using permanent ink to print on various substrates, having the option to use different types of drawing implements, and did not want to have to re-calibrate my printer. So I made one myself, and here it is for all to use.

Step 1: What You Will Need

    • if you can use another program to get the same settings, go for it, but the demo will be with Cura 15.4
    • Cura 2.X is the newer version of cura, it was essentially rebuilt from scratch. It is supposed to have more features, but I have never used it so I stuck to what I know. I am sure it would work as well, but I just can't help with the menus
  • Sketchup (free) or some other edtitor for your models
Is there any use of this plotter specifically or it is just for fun because we could print any image by the use of printer so why one would need it ?
<p>Of course, the big advantage of a plotter is that it can print on any flat surface you can place under it. In this ible I only did for very thin ones, but I have another ible coming about doing thicker and double-sided surfaces. It's just that it got to be something like 30+ steps when I put them together, because I did it specifically to draw with a sharpie on copper clad boards to make circuits (etching PCBs). Another advantage is that if the type of ink matters, it can also be the only way to get it done sometimes. Printing a document on this would be a waste of time for sure. Plus, this is also a step 1 for me, as it allowed me to properly get a hang of 2d prints, so that I can move on to my next steps; a cutting blade, and eventually a laser.</p>

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