Learn how to recycle an old jeans into a earth friendly sandals!
This is perfect! Fortunately I save all the important bits from old jeans anyway.
&nbsp;wow! what a very brilliant job! you are very creative girl...you can turned old jean&nbsp; to making a beautiful sandal&nbsp; without using other material..I really likes your video ..<br />
Wow! You did an awesome job! The music, the clear steps! Everything! Fantastic!! Stellar!!
Awesome Gianny.
She has the best video Instructables time after time. I hope she's found a way to make this pay for her. Is that a new wedding ring?
Awesome, for sure.
Aside from the fact that GiannyL is really good looking. (we all know that) I think that she has one of the best video 'ibles series because the steps are clear and easy to follow. good job giannyl

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