Turn Your Lamp On/off With Clapping!


Introduction: Turn Your Lamp On/off With Clapping!

So I guess you always wanted to charm a Girl or a Boy when they were visiting. Well you're on a good way. Just imagine clapping when you walk trough the door and light turns on! Wooooow I tell you.

Who says geeks can't be awesome..

This one was on my mind a long long time, and I finally had the time to make it and I love it. It's like from those movies when rich guys clap and whole house is lit up.

Therefore, check out the video and leave you comments and suggestions anywhere. Heck you can call me if you want :)

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVi1jiZHXFk



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    if you could put a link in for the video mobile users will be able to see it. ..Thanks

    1 reply

    I did't noticed that! Thank you very much for reminding me :)