This instructable will teach you have to fold your letters or notes into small self contained envelopes with a few simple folds.
Perfect for passing notes in class or saving room in your bag or drawer.

Step 1: You will need,

Picture of You will need,

You will need;

A piece of paper. This works with standard writting paper or regtangle shapes.

Your hands

A friend to read your secret message (optional, but more fun!!!)
Kafuku0133 years ago
That is very cool! I am totally using this for Father's Day!
BentSpork5 years ago
There is an additional fold in this step that is not shown in the photo.  After folding the top two corners down to the center line making an arrow shape as shown in the photo, while still looking at this side of the project, fold the arrow shape down.  After doing this, you will have a rectangle.

This is a fun self-folding-envelope!!  Thanks!
prashant1237 years ago
this envelope is so awesome . this is so awesome so i can send letters easily
456acdc54437 years ago
thanks now I can pass notes in class with out being caught
bobo11727 years ago
this is good but i still think you could be a bit better on 6-8
hornbadoing7 years ago
that is pretty cool
thanks! I've been looking over the net for simple, easy to understand instructions and you've have fianlly provided it.
ray zak8 years ago
i dont get the last step
lemonie8 years ago
It would be good to see you address and stamp this. L (and a picture of you putting in a mailbox)
John Smith8 years ago
That... ...that is really cool.
Fishcake_Random (author)  John Smith8 years ago
Thank you
Fishcake_Random (author) 8 years ago
This is my first instuctable so be nice.
Congratulations on your first. A few typos and spelling errors, and at step 6 (the photo), it's difficult to tell where the edge of the letter is. Aside from these minor problems, it's a good instructable. (So now when you write more instructables, you'll ask people to be nastier to them, right?)
Fishcake_Random (author)  ryzellon8 years ago
Thank you, when i work out how ill sort out step 6
PocketSized8 years ago
Im usually rubbish with anything to do with paper, but this looks cool. Good Instructable.
Fishcake_Random (author)  PocketSized8 years ago
Thank you your very kind