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Introduction: Turn Your Lucky T Into a Lucky Football

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Here's a way to make your lucky t-shirt even luckier: Upcycle it into a lucky football! Maybe your favorite t-shirt has nacho stains on the belly or maybe your belly doesn't fit in your favorite t-shirt anymore thanks to all those nachos. You can't bear to throw it out because of all the memories you shared so why not transform it and make new memories? Give your beloved T a brand new life as a plush football that you can squeeze in frustration, safely toss in celebration, and snuggle with as a pillow in the off season. This tutorial will show you how to sew a lucky football in less time than it takes the Seattle Seahawks to recover from a 16-point deficit and win a Championship game. Okay, maybe not that fast, but 15 minutes, tops.

Step 1: Cut 4 Football Shapes.

Cut out an elongated football shape that will fit the logo you want to feature. Mine ended up being 7 inches tall by 17 inches wide. Fold your pattern in half width-wise to make sure it is symmetrical and then length-wise to make sure it is symmetrical.

Place your pattern over your logo and make sure the important parts fit. Then cut a football shape out of both sides of the t-shirt. Use the remaining fabric from the t-shirt (or other fabric, if you choose) to cut 2 more football shapes.

You should have 4 pieces of elongated football shaped fabric in all.


Step 2: Sew Your Sides Together.

With outsides facing in, sew your plain fabric to one side of your logo fabric. Then do the same on the other side of your logo piece with your 3rd fabric shape. (This will ensure your hand-sewn closure will be toward the back of your football.)

Next, sew your remaining 4th piece of fabric to one edge of your 3 pieces, and then the other. Make sure to leave at least a 3 inch gap in the middle of one of your seams so you can turn it right-side out and stuff it.

You should now have a deflated football.

Step 3: Stuff and Sew It Closed.

Turn your football right-side out. Check your seams and corners to make sure everything lines up to your liking. Now fill it with stuffing. If you're making a Patriot football, add less stuffing. ;)

Next, using a ladder stitch, hand stitch it closed.

Step 4: Play Ball!

That's it! You're done! Now you've got your lucky t-shirt football to hug and squeeze and bite and throw and stomp and dry your tears and keep by your side for many games to come.



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    Nice idea. Can't think of a better thing to do to a Seahawks t-shirt than cut it up and cry into it. Go Pats!!

    3 replies

    You can easily make your own lucky Patriot t-shirt football... just put a little less stuffing in it. :)

    lol so true

    No, no. I'll be sure to make it to your specifications, have you approve it, THEN remove some of the stuffing!!

    Lol go Hawks! And I love this idea! Great way to reuse and save a Super Bowl shirt. :)

    I'm British, therefore I don't watch american football, but sea hawks are my favourite

    1 reply

    Good choice. The British have a rocky past with the Patriots ;)

    Being a Brit i don't get the remove stuffing thing for the patriots...Cheating?

    1 reply

    After the Championship game that determined who would go to the Super Bowl it was discovered that the Patriots footballs had been deflated below league standards. It's all over the media and the NFL is investigating but no one has gotten in trouble for it. Meanwhile, one of our guys got fined $11,00 for touching his crotch on the field. It makes no sense. It's fun to poke fun at it though.

    add less stuffing for a patriot pillow

    I was sad it was a Seahawks football (go broncos), but the Patriots thing made me crack up. Nice job!

    1 reply

    Heehee... I snuck that one in. Glad you saw it. ;)