Imagine this: your lost in the wilderness on a lonely back road. You have no idea where you are and no way to find out. If only you had a way to find your way home! Luckily, you still have your cell phone and a box of K'nex in the trunk. It's time to make the (emergency) K'nex GPS/phone holder! This holder works for any rectangular device, such as the HTC EVO, iPhone, or Droid.* This can also be used as a dashcam to take video of any notable incidents while driving.

Step 1: Partz

You will need: 16 white connectors; 8 blue connectors; 11 yellow connectors; 10 grey connectors; 8 green connectors; 14 red connectors; 75 green rods; 52 white rods; 5 blue rods; 4 black caps; 5 blue separators; 4 grey separators; 6 blue caps; and 2 green bendy rods.
If anyone builds this please post a picture!
Nice idea and nicely executed; I can totally see why this was featured. Good job!
Look at my comments on my post, nerfrocketeer to see range on hydro mod
Oh my goodness!!! You featured!! Good job! I may make one of these for my dad's tom-tom.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Thanks! =D
Awesome! Looks great!
Thanks so much for featuring it!!! :)
No problem - it looks amazing and your instructable was so detailed it's great!
Thanks! It comes in handy a lot... Also for hands-free phone usage! =D

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