Picture of Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon
You can turn yourself into a cartoon in just a few simple steps. If you cannot draw not to worry, with Illustrator you can use the auto trace tool and it will capture the necessary lines for you. You can also use Photoshop if you don't have Illustrator.

Step 1: Get An Image of Yourself

Picture of Get An Image of Yourself
Find an image of yourself (or someone else) that is at least 300 dpi. The smaller the image the harder it will be to outline or auto trace it.
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Altina /ElisaR made it!yesterday

can i do my phohto



jayjay14153 days ago

11888094_123492964663637_1751854122850828486_n.jpg (35.29 KB

good for fun

KamleshS14 days ago
KamleshS14 days ago
adii14 days ago
AissaB14 days ago
TomonikaA15 days ago

i found a website to this free @ http://cartoon.pho.to/

It worked??
Khalifa M6 days ago

plssss.. i need one too

Khalifa M6 days ago
AliB347 days ago

I used illustrator to make similar line portraits for my friends. Just trace along the lines of the face and make artistic decision on which lines to keep.

leib110 days ago
Mekdi13 days ago
ManishaC114 days ago
TomonikaA15 days ago
HavaP16 days ago
DebraA618 days ago
wmsp21 days ago
DaniloG26 days ago
AbofaresA1 month ago
weed4201 month ago
MichaelD491 month ago

I found a website where you can get a cartoon of yourself for FREE.
See my result bellow...


can you please make me one

Can you please make one fo me ?? Please

God bless you man, it really works.

Yep, it's free. Only has simple survey which take me 2 minutes, but it worth. See my result, I'm thrilled.

ZainabK31 month ago
Can someone please make one for me ?
k17r01 made it!1 month ago
Can someone make me on photoshop or illustrator like it says?
akashs15 k17r011 month ago

yes sure !

Designsn1 month ago

Great work. There are a few tools out there that will do this but none as powerful as illustrator.

Caitlynx1 month ago
Can u do this one
RâM21 month ago
Plzzz do meh send threw kik fvxk_n or insta iwyfa_
bilge sait1 month ago
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