Picture of Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon
You can turn yourself into a cartoon in just a few simple steps. If you cannot draw not to worry, with Illustrator you can use the auto trace tool and it will capture the necessary lines for you. You can also use Photoshop if you don't have Illustrator.
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Step 1: Get An Image of Yourself

Picture of Get An Image of Yourself
Find an image of yourself (or someone else) that is at least 300 dpi. The smaller the image the harder it will be to outline or auto trace it.

Step 2: Outline Your Picture

Picture of Outline Your Picture
Place your .jpg, .tiff, .giff, .bmp, or any other image format that is compatible with Illustrator or Photoshop into the program. Please create a separate layer for your image and lock it down so you can trace without the image moving around. Now if you are using Illustrator you can either use the pen or pencil tool to outline the important parts of your image(see example). The areas that define you best are the ones you should choose. If you are not so good with tracing or don't have a steady hand, you can use the auto trace tool from Illustrator. It will do all the tracing for you. You may have to go back and clean the lines up a bit after wards when using that tool.

Note: Photoshop will work for this project too!

Step 3: Now Add Color

Picture of Now Add Color
Now you can add color to your creation. You can do that in several ways. Using illustrator you can either re-outline certain areas and do a color fill OR just choose areas that are already outlined and color fill them. In Photoshop you will use the magic wand tool to select your areas and color fill them in the same way. It is suggested that if you want to give yourself some depth, you use gradients or several layers of color.

Step 4: Make it Pretty and You're Done

Picture of Make it Pretty and You're Done
Last and final step......make it pretty and put the finishing touches on it. You can add background colors and even a border. There are lots of different swatch and border tools in either program. Have fun.
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Cat boyK made it!27 days ago

Ilike it

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JessicaEckah made it!1 month ago

Ilike it

JessicaEckah made it!1 month ago

Ilike it

JessicaEckah made it!1 month ago

Ilike it

JessicaEckah made it!1 month ago

Ilike it

JessicaEckah made it!1 month ago

Ilike it

kyawmyonaing.lso made it!2 months ago

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angeleverlycabinian made it!2 months ago

Please teach me...

angeleverlycabinian made it!2 months ago

Please teach me...

angeleverlycabinian made it!2 months ago

Please teach me...

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oung.vouch2 months ago
oung.vouch2 months ago
raba.samara3 months ago

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prince.usama143 made it!4 months ago

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u stole my idea i will get payback soon

Nobody stole your idea 0-0 geez

Yeah no, dude.

Very nicely done! If anyone wanted to redraw photo into cartoon style, visit this website -

choirhiz1 year ago
choirhiz1 year ago

boy master1 year ago
luqi2 years ago
its asome
alungay2 years ago
I wanna do a pic like that.
abishop83 years ago
I've just been on and seeing as he's a circle, that's a cartoon - I was wondering if there was a process for turning him back into a photo?
pineapploe3 years ago
Hi but how do you do that?, how do u get illisrator program
fbastage3 years ago
added texture (magic selection tool)
nmohamed13 years ago
there is a tutorial on youtube
codongolev6 years ago
what if I already am a cartoon?
you, my friend, are amazing
thank ye.
then you're a cartoon :P what's about it ?
when I walk down the street people drop safes on me.
I think there's a tutorial to turn yourself into a human being somewhere. ;-)
I don't get why someone would want to be a cartoon. it's hard for us to live, being two dimensional. when we go out to eat, we have to make sure we're facing the waiter, or it looks like our table's empty. we blow away when we go on walks, ending up miles from where we began. eating's hard, because you've got to find specific "cartoon food" stores that sell 2d food. it's difficult.
Well, Stereoscopic 3D video to the rescue!
but then there's two of me if I don't cross my eyes....
Not if you wear the glasses!
They're working on it. soon that won't be an issue.

However, that doesn't happen if you shoot 3D video right.
Don't worry! I am currently working on a machine to make 2d cartoons into humans!
From what I understand, many politicians have already used this tutorial successfully.
if so, for the good of all of us, please, don't try tracing you again, please don't
well then try to make a human version of urself
then you'll be a cartoon to a cartoon. duh.
brain hurt.
pigeon3 years ago
I know this is a dumb question, but how do I find the auto trace tool? When I search 'trace' in Illustrator's Help, all it shows is Live Trace preferences but I don't understand how to actually use it!
Eric_Ja4 years ago
This web site create a cartoon that it is like an artist work
Wow I tried WaniB its great , why its free?
zeinsabra4 years ago
please give me the exact steps on how to use photoshop 7.0 for this project
rain-man4 years ago
It can be also done online -
mohdsadiq14 years ago
hi, wht software i should use for this
artonline4 years ago
is this using photoshop? wow nice concept i really appreciated. nice job.

turn yourself into a cartoon
Pilantoo4 years ago
Your face is what makes this tutorial so attractive!!! good job!! im doing this right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fn06afranci4 years ago
did you use illustrator cs# or illustrator 10?
dviz (author)  fn06afranci4 years ago
Illustrator 10
thank you, much love <3
thats realy cool dviz thanks for telling me how to make myself a cartoon
luvit5 years ago
you did a great job.. here's chris.

9ale7 luvit4 years ago
make a tutorial of this :P
luvit 9ale74 years ago
i only make instructablez that involve killing fireflies & wholesome communicaiton.
OMG this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
lemonie luvit5 years ago
It's a good sequence, shame someone pointed a camera at the TV, as the sound is awful... L
yurfriend4 years ago
You can also do this with a program called Intocartoon from open your picture clicka couple of buttons and your done
That is neat. I just used that idea in "The Gimp" Thanx..
I like it, but the elbow is really bugging me. Why is there a line that looks like waves?! Its not needed!
GaryMeow4 years ago
when i was in elementary school i had a printed black and white picture of my and i drew over the outlines with a felt and coloured myself in ;)
arleigh4 years ago
cool project, inspiring, thanks! :)
analicia1015 years ago
i have no clue wat to do how do i get the picture turned into a cartoon first of all how do i upload the pictue so it can do it and where the HELL do i upload it!!!!!!!!!! sorry but i want to draw myself but i cant draw anything unless its in cartoon form please help me
You don't need to upload the picture! You need to open it with Illustrator or Photoshop.
DVIZ you are the most patient person I may have ever seen. Wow. Bless you.
wenhua5245 years ago
Is it you who is in the photo. Looks gorgeous!!! I will try it for my gf. Thanks
i need help how do i do it ??
dviz (author)  sxy1234567895 years ago
Follow the step by step will need some sort of image editing software to do this. Do you have photoshop or illustrator? 
ito5 years ago
wheres the photoshop
dviz (author)  ito5 years ago
I did not create a version in photoshop, but it can be done.
where does it say upload image?
dviz (author)  Jenny Hipolito5 years ago
As you go through each step it will give you the OPTION to upload. Hope this helps! Good luck.
gisagisa5 years ago
 Does photoshop have this auto trace tool too?
dviz (author)  gisagisa5 years ago
Unfortunately Photoshop does not have an auto trace tool, BUT it does have many cool filters that you can use to make yourself look like a cartoon. They you can go back in an color areas of yourself and the background! Good luck! 
HINT: Try looking for the Filters in the Menu bar up top in Photoshop
phaophao5 years ago
how can i upload a picture.??
dviz (author)  phaophao5 years ago
to upload an image you will need to either have a USB cable from your camera OR just take a picture with your telephone and email it to yourself. Once you have the picture ON your computer from your camera or phone you are all set to edit it and begin the cartoon process.
layzie5 years ago
how do i upload image?
jazzyboo layzie5 years ago
u go on ur page and it say upload photo
Thihabala5 years ago
Is it you who is in the photo. Looks gorgeous!!! I will try it for my gf. Thanks
I think I'm going to try this now :) Thanks for this tutorial!
qh5++5 years ago
I think you really need to have some artistic inclination in order to do a good job vectorazing pictures, any ways here it is a good tool to vectorize images on line for free (sort of), It will facilitate the hardest work

for you sample, it's excellent, keep the good work
thats a sexy picture :P
danbo5 years ago
really clever and original ! I'm happy to see that with a few means (relatively), any body can build so imaginative cartoons.
the cartoon is lovely btw.
dviz (author) years ago
thanks for the "lovely cartoon" comment....and I agree about the ignorance and fear of people.
I don't know what you think you are sing Brother but i must say you are something quite close to ridiculous, and there is nothing wrong with to boys kissing, if you find it gross then you are just another product of our pathetic society that causes hate an intoleranced bases upon fear. Silly, nothing but, i wish you peace though.
KlM05 years ago
LMAO! I think you are looking at a differerent picture or pictures. I see a beautiful woman and a pretty image afterward. Cheers, KIMO+
dviz (author)  KlM05 years ago
Thanks KIMO!
whiteoakart6 years ago
Nice Instructable. You did a nice job grabbing just a few important lines. The end result looks nice. Do you know if Gimp does tracing or auto-trace? Many of the users here don't have any software they have to pay for. It is always good to recommend an open source alternative, if possible. Another thing you might try with this technique is a paint-by-number self portrait. I am in the process of putting together the process with my daughter, then an Instructable, but you are halfway there. Instead of going straight to autotrace or using the bezier pen tool right away, posterize it first. That will break the image into color blocks. Then trace. You should wind up with something that looks more like a topo map. You can number the areas according to color, then print out the B&W image. Print onto cardstock and dry mount it to illustration board. If the mount job is good, you should be able to use acrylics on it. Sure to win a ribbon at the local county fair. Personally, I prefer Corel Painter for this kind of work. But I often work between PS, Illustrator, and Painter. Painter has an effect called 'sketch' which makes any photo look like a pencil sketch. It works pretty well for this, but isn't as clean-looking.
GIMP should do it properly since, as I can remember, it has a pen tool. In photoshop, I make a new path layer and trace all the lines using the pen tool. Then I just stroke the path with the brush tool with a combination of effects and boom instant party.

I typically do this in retracing anime. If you want see samples, visit my deviantart site here.

You can also try Thresholding the image first to get a grasp of how to make the lines 'flow' and the black-white tool and/or the contrast tool. You can also use filters but I'm not a master when it comes to filters.
"You can number the areas according to color, then print out the B&W image. Print onto cardstock and dry mount it to illustration board. If the mount job is good, you should be able to use acrylics on it."

Paint by numbers. yay :-D
mrbob10006 years ago
Sweet! i always wanted to do this so i could have a few cool pics for my profiles online.
dchall86 years ago
That's a great idea. Thanks!
Five stars for using gradients as highlights. I totally wouldn't have thought of that.
uguy6 years ago
Well done, nice instructable. Good looking subject also. Thanks for sharing.