Step 4: Make it Pretty and You're Done

Last and final step......make it pretty and put the finishing touches on it. You can add background colors and even a border. There are lots of different swatch and border tools in either program. Have fun.
<p>I found a website where you can <a href="http://gocartoonme.com" rel="nofollow">get a cartoon of yourself</a> for <strong>FREE</strong>.<br>See my result bellow...</p>
<p>it's not free, you haev to pay $10 thru paypal</p>
<p>can you please make me one</p>
<p>Here you go</p>
<p>God bless you man, it really works.</p>
<p>Yep, it's free. Only has simple survey which take me 2 minutes, but it worth. See my result, I'm thrilled.</p>
can u make e one please
<p>Here go</p>
<p>How did you do this</p>
idk hiw it works can u make me one please
oys not really free
Can you please make one fo me ?? Please
<p>can someone do these two please</p>
<p>can someone do these two for me please</p>
Can someone pls make this for me thanks :)
Can someone please make me one<br>
<p>yeh just send your photo</p>
<p>Yeh assure just send on your pic check mine fpr reference hope youl like it</p>
You had to <br>pay right
<p>You're very welcome...and no, I didn't have to pay as I already own photo editing software (I guess I paid for the software but I paid for it last year).</p>
Please someone make this for me plleasee
<p>Here you go</p>
Im sorry buh, why
I don't get this
<p>outline only please</p>
<p>I hope this is what you mean by 'outline only'..</p>
<p>can someone make a cartoon of me plss. i wanna make a youtube channel and i want a cartoon pic of me to make my logo. plsss help and could u make my complextion just a little bit lighter .</p>
<p>Here you go</p>
Make one qith me
<p>Here you go</p>
<p>Make one of her please. &lt;3</p>
<p>Here you go</p>
Do me please I beg you it make my day
<p>Here you go</p>
<p>Can someone please make a cartoon of this picture?</p>
<p>Here you go</p>
<p>http://imgur.com/2nnb41s here, made it. Sorry I was sloppy with the comparison gif. Let me know if you want the file for the finished pic.</p>
Can you do me one
<p>Please make a cartoon </p>
<p>Here you go</p>
Can someone cartoon me?
<p>Here you go</p>
<p>Here go</p>
<p>can someone make me please </p>
<p>Here you go..</p>
<p>can anyone make me?</p>
<p>Here you go</p>

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