Turn a $7.50 Yardsale Find Into a Beautiful Piece!





Introduction: Turn a $7.50 Yardsale Find Into a Beautiful Piece!

Turn a ugly yard sale find into a beautiful piece.

Step 1: Document How It Looked Before

Take pictures of how it looks before you start.. otherwise your friends won't believe you about how it looked ?

Step 2: Disassembly of the Table

Begin by disassembling the table. Take note of how things come apart for later reference.

Step 3: Sanding, Sanding, and More Sanding

Once the disassembly is done, start sanding your pieces down. I used 50 grit sandpaper and then went back over them with 220 grit sandpaper. For the spindles, I didn't have a lathe to use to sand so I put them in the drill press for quicker sanding time.

Step 4: Staining

Next it is time to stain the pieces, unless you prefer it to be light.. Make sure when you stain the pieces you have a old towel ready to wipe off the extra stain from the pieces and your hands..

Step 5: Gluing and Assembly

After staining the pieces, you need to assemble them together to make sure they will fit and are in the right places. After making sure they fit and are in the right places it is time to glue, just a drop or two will be enough.. otherwise you will have overflow. I took some clamps to hold the pieces in while the glue set. Also in some of the pics you will see where I went ahead and put some polyurethane under some of the pieces.

Step 6: Adding Legs and Some Polyurethane

After the glue has dried it is time to add the legs and it's hardware. After assembling the leg hardware I coated the bottom with polyurethane then screwed the legs on. Once the legs are screwed on I coated them with polyurethane.

Step 7: Coating the Rest With Polyurethane

After the legs are dried it is time to coat the rest with polyurethane. Doing one side, letting dry then flipping over to get the other.

Step 8: Assessment

Once the coats of polyurethane are dry, look it over for any blemishes and sand them out using 220 sandpaper then re-apply some polyurethane.

Step 9: Finished

As soon as the polyurethane has dried, you will have a beautiful finished end table. Which in this case was only $7.50



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    Two questions:

    1. How did you remove the spindles? If you glued them back in, they must have been glued in to start with. How did you loosen the original glue?

    2. What was the purpose (disassembly section) of what looks to be the end of a baseball bat? If that is a bat, it wins my "Most unconventional" woodworking tool award.

    First off thank you for the response. Now to answer your questions.. The glue was dried and had come loose, there was not much glue put in to the hole. So it was easy to turn and pull them out. As to your question about the disassembly process, yes it is a bat.. I used it to separate the table. I didn't have a rubber mallet to use, so I decided to use the bat since I was going to sand it down anyway..

    Never considered using a drill press to sand circular items. Cool idea!

    Thank you! I had to improvise since I didn't have a lathe.. it worked better than I expected it would.

    great work. excellent job documenting your steps