Picture of Turn a Clementine Into a Tiny Decorative Basket
Eat lots of clementines? Turn the peels into home décor or little ornaments!

Time: A little
Skill: Some
Cost: Not much
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Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
  • clementine

Optional, But Recommended
  • fine-point marker or pen
  • bowl
  • towel
  • spoon
  • knife, maybe

Step 2: Layout

Picture of Layout
Not all clementines are created equal. Sometimes the rind peels off really easily, and sometimes it... doesn't. For this project, definitely try to get one where it is easy to remove. From personal experience I've learned that the ones with a slightly thicker, more bumpy-looking peel tend to be best, and thinner-peeled ones are useless. Of course it's impossible to know for sure until they're cut into, so get a variety and go through them until one works.

Draw out where the handle will go. I have it going over the stem nub so the finished product will rest on the flatter underside, but it can be oriented any which way. Suggest making the handle strip around 1cm wide.

Once it's outlined, it's time to peel off the sides around what will become the handle. I use my fingernails to score the lines, but others may prefer knives. Peel off the punched-out sections.

Step 3: Disembowelment

Picture of Disembowelment
Gut it. Some come out very easily with a little wiggling, but others are more stubborn and require half shredding the pulp. I used a spork to dig underneath the wedges and help pry them out, because it was close to hand. It was messy. Would recommend a spoon in lieu of a spork so there are no tines shredding the fruit. If juice is getting everywhere, grab a bowl or work over a sink.

Chow down on its insides afterwards.

It's a cute Idea, these baskets can be used to serve salads, appetizers or even dips. I can imagine one filled with pomegranate :). Thank you for sharing.

Those would have to be really tiny salads. Maybe hors d'œvres or tiny snack foods. I'm going to try it with an orange after my next grocery run, and update this with the results.