Turn a Glass Coke Bottle in to a Plant Waterer





Introduction: Turn a Glass Coke Bottle in to a Plant Waterer

Glass coke bottles are cool, really cool, but what do you do with the bottle after the coke is gone? You don't need any more candle holders, so make an automatic plant waterer. With this cheap and easy automatic plant watering system all you have to do is set it and forget it.

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    Site doesn't work? :-(

    Very nice I was In the glass Biz for years and cut many a bottles, by the way your website is expired the best to you my friend

    I love this project and your dramatic voiceover in the video! Very cool stuff. Haters gonna hate, but I think you've got a winner on your hands.


    Editor, Instructables

    Ditto! Thought it was awesome!

    I loved your video. I had all the tools (including the coke bottle), parts needed and put it together in just a few mins. I have lots of plants so they will be saving me lots of time. I love the voice over. Your video was as entertaining as it was informative. Thanks!
    Salt Lake City

    Nicely done, but...
    - all the work
    - all the plastic
    - for a few ml water?

    Just take a big glass bottle (1l, 2 pints or bigger), fill it completely with water (no cap!) and ram it into the soil. Lots of water, no plastic. Works with sturdier plastic bottles as well. Only the very thin plastic ones will collapse under the atmospheric pressure.

    I take a 2 liter plastic bottle, drill a small hole in the cap, invert and put into the ground about 3-4 inches. Works for me.

    I agree. Or fill the glass coke bottle with water and just plug it in. It gives the same result...