Picture of Turn a Maxi Skirt Into a Cute Jumper

Maxi skirts can be great and look amazing, but sometimes they just don't quite work. Instead of getting rid of it, turn it into a cute stylish jumper! I found this vintage 60s maxi skirt with a pretty pattern. It fit, but it didn't look right on me when I got it home so I decided to turn it into something fun.

Thing you will need:

  1. sewing machine
  2. scissors
  3. pins
  4. chalk or a bar of soap
  5. measuring tape

Step 1: Cut Skirt to Desired Length

Picture of Cut Skirt to Desired Length
  • Measure the length you want your skirt to be plus about an inch for seam allowance. Use a measuring tape or ruler and pin all around at that length. Cut the excess fabric off and save for the bib top.

I like! thumbs up girl

mholcomb11 year ago
WOW! Great idea & instructible :)
jmyers11 year ago
This is too cute. I think it looks great on you.
crazyhappypeace (author)  jmyers11 year ago

Thank you! :)