Introduction: Model Car Ipod/Mp3 Speakers

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This is an instructable on how to make a model car into an ipod speaker system! It took me about forty-five minutes to make, but it probably will take you about 30 minutes. So here you go, hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:
1.  2 speakers (any kind works)
2.  any model car
3.  8mm male audio jack
4.  wires
5.  ipod, mp3, or any other music device to test it

hot glue
2. a solder gun
3. a screwdriver

Step 2: Wiring

Picture of Wiring

Now you have to take the audio jack and solder that to the speakers as shown in the picture.
next test it with an ipod to make sure it works.

Step 3: Choose the Car

Picture of Choose the Car

Make sure you choose a car with enough space for two speakers.

Step 4: Mounting the Speakers in the Car

Picture of Mounting the Speakers in the Car

Each model car is different, so you might have to place the speakers in a different place then I did. Once you found a spot that works, hot glue the speakers in place. 

Step 5: Close It Up

Picture of Close It Up

Make a small slit in the bottom of the car for the audio jack to come out. Then attach the bottom of the car to the shell.

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!

Now you're done, enjoy!


red wolf 1 (author)2014-12-08


mastaj (author)2010-11-24

oh my god, i was going to make this same thing and enter the same contest oh
well to bad for me

metalman1138 (author)2010-11-23

Very Cool. Would be interesting to see one that's battery powered amp as well.

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