Picture of Turn a Mousetrap into a Powerful Handgun
Here's how to turn a mousetrap into a fun little handgun that shoots up to 40 feet! This is a great project because it can be made with simple materials, very basic tools, and in just a few minutes!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
This pack of two mousetraps was only $0.98 from "Lowes" home improvement store!

Aside from those, all you're going to need are;

- 2 small screws (like the kind on your door hinges)
- A small piece of 2x2

Suggested tools to make the job easier are;

- Screwdriver
- Needle-nose pliers
- Wire snips

WarriorBeast4 months ago


Is awesome
How far does it shoot
AJD422 years ago
This might make me sound stupid but do u think u could make a video for this?if its a trouble to do it than i understand -AJ

Here's a link to his how-to video. Enjoy!


technically there not fire arms. thier spring powered.
patbking2 years ago
Building it 5 stars
how much would this hurt if you shot someone such as your friend? tee hee.
claramecium2 years ago
soooooooo cool!
The King of Random (author)  claramecium2 years ago
freazzer12 years ago
I've been watching your videos on YouTube, one word! genius!!
I will definitely make a few of your inventions.
The King of Random (author)  freazzer12 years ago
That is a great compliment. Thank you for your feedback, and best of luck :)
bajablue2 years ago
LOL... a rapid-fire assault mousetrap! Love it!!!!
The King of Random (author)  bajablue2 years ago
:D Thank you!
Mrballeng2 years ago
Explode, launch, melt, engulf.....so destructive. For your next project I recommend "grow flowers with gun powder" or "pick berries with a chainsaw". I'm only kidding. Your work has no comparison! The way you think is really a gift. Thanks for sharing!
The King of Random (author)  Mrballeng2 years ago
:) Thanks for your compliment! lol
Steelsmith12 years ago
Suggestion: rat trap!
Great video--Ive seen several of yours and Ive got to say you are one of the best in structuring and information--thanks alot
Biodynamic2 years ago
Perfect for helping my students to better understand newtons laws of motion, potential and kinetic energy, and lab safety! You create the model for how all instructables should look. Thanks, and super job.
cha chi2 years ago
make one out of a rat trap
sonicdude102 years ago
Now I wanna get that 10" mega sized rat trap I've seen lying around and do this.
Shotgun power anyone?
goldberie2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this! I'm always looking for homemade weapons I can make with my grandson.
hats99942 years ago
this is cool.
doodlecraft2 years ago
Hey Grant! I like the new step by step format! I'm a picture person and would rather not watch a video...but I know people who prefer that too! Great job, you should enter the pocket sized contest!
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Cool! Maybe try using a rat trap. That might make the gun penetrate the paper target. I used a mouse trap in one of my knex guns but knex can't hold back a rat trap as easily as mouse trap.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Dangerous and fun, I like it! I wonder if that big box of mousetraps I saw is still around...
rimar20002 years ago
Very fun toy. And a bit dangerous...
Cool! And I like how you did a step by step with a video! Then you have the step by step pictures for those who like it, and video for those who would rather have that!
Thank you Penolopy! :D