I have always wanted to have an airsoft gun but never wanted to spend money on one. I decided to take one of my many nerf guns and turn it into an airsoft gun. It is very easy and inexpensive.

Step 1: Materials

Nerf gun
Nerf dart
<p>Worked really well. i didn't even need the pen.</p>
<p>Just built this convert. on my '<a href="http://nerf.wikia.com/wiki/Nite_Finder_EX-3" rel="nofollow">Nite Finder EX-3</a>&quot; My brother should like it! Also added a go-pro mount to the top, pretty cool. Total time of construction: 10-15min</p>
<p>can it kill rabbit?</p>
<p>can it kill rabbit?</p>
<p>buzz bee works better as airsoft ! i tested it</p>
<p>clearly he also didn't want to spend money on a real nerf gun.</p>
This instructable is incomplete. Also, management of how the pellets sit within the nerf gun (unless you intend to muzzle load) isn't covered, in fact, almost everything but sticking a pen up a nerf dart and 'maybe it sticks out maybe it won't is all that's really addressed. &gt;_&gt;
I'm the same way. Want one, never felt like paying for air-soft, and have tuns of Nerf guns. Might give it a try.

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