Turn a Quarter Into a Ring





Introduction: Turn a Quarter Into a Ring

Quick tutorial video on how I use a regular US Quarter and turn it into a ring for you to wear! 



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Annealing it means, you have taken the hardness out of it. You can heat it in the oven but, let it cool off slowly! If you put it in water or Anything it puts the hardness back in it. Shaping it will put enough hardness back in it so don't worry.

A home oven does not heat to a high enough temp to anneal metals. I am a trained silversmith.

I have tried making coin rings *without* annealing and it does work, but annealing often makes the metal softer. Heating w/ quick immersion into cool water if I am not mistaken, creates a 'case-hardened' metal which means the exterior material is made 'hardened' while the interior is 'softer.'

If the metal were to be heated slowly and allowed to cool in *hot sand* for an extended period of time (say, 12-24 hours as it gradually cools) the result is a super-hard metal through & through. Most cheap pocket knives are 'case-hardened' which means yes, they are sharp BUT if you like to sharpen your blade on a whet stone, you eventually grind-thru the 'case hardened' layer and suddenly the knife won't keep its sharpness...

The other hardening, -the slow-cooling in HOT sand, is called 'through-hardening' and for applications where stress is involved, is unsuitable. A gun barrel for example if 'through-hardened' would not absorb the shock of the bullet and would tend to crack, being 'solid hard' and thus more brittle. ...

For whatever this is worth, I have tried heating my coins red hot and NOT cooling them but instead, placing them directly onto my mandrel and hammering with the plastic hammer. Apart of a bit of smoking and melting of the hammer's contact surface, I found virtually no additional ease of bending the coin into the desired shape. I only briefly experimented with the 'hot-bend' method and found it not satisfactory for me, so I 'anneal' to case-hardened.

when usening quarter with copper what do you coat coin so not to turn finger green

I've used clear nail polish on mine, works pretty well and doesn't change the appearance of ring.

i also found a set of punch set and doming block to start the fold of the coin

I enjoyed watching the video. How are you able to control the size? Can you make a specific size out of a specific coin?

great instructible thats exactly wat I need to know how to do this. I've been trying it forever with no luck.


Can you please provide me with a list of all the tools and items you used to make this ring? THANKS!