Girl, you need food. I recommend some beef, a bunch of potatoes and some salad at least once a day.
lol :)
Why not add some pierogi, cream gravy, and some farmer sausage. mmmmm.....pierogi's **Homer mouth drool**
yhanks great idea :P
Should be 'Turn a Standard Shirt into a Bathing suit' Not bad though, cute idea, doubt that silk would last very long in water haha
I agree. Great idea! Couldn't wear that to a public pool. You'd get told to change because that material without lining would be just like being naked when the material got wet. The top would be good to wear to the club. The bottom would get you arrested LOL.
fortunately i live in a country where you don't get arrested for that.<br><br>Great video though. Making bikini briefs out of a t-shirt. Great idea
Id let her stare at me all day.....
Wow. Not everyone could work that little thing as well as you. Very cute on both counts.
You are very nice girl!
Ok ...I join You.
You forgot to mention that it requires a sexy girl :p
Very cute outfit! I will most definately be making one! :0)
hi Giannina<br>
omg! i can't stop watching your instructables, you're amazing.&nbsp; I mean beautiful and a really crative girl.
She is very talented at what she does! Very good, I will make sure my wife watches her videos
&nbsp;wat r u gonna say wen she asks how u found about this video? or first saw it?
I'll make sure me gf doesn't find out they exist
interesting... i guess i can fav this one so i'm gonna mark my spot
I have a shirt like that but I bought it to small. rather then dwelling on the fact that it is to small or I am to big for it I'm going to make it the best summershirt ever. Thanks
WAY too awesome.
I wish learning was like this back in high school, I would of never cut class!!!
every instructable need to be like this one.
mama mia! i'm in love... ;-)
Very talented and very pretty girl, good imagination! :)
very talented...good eye for seeing the possibility of other things. A+
Nice to see there are people carrying on the old arts .You have a great eye for things to make which will serve you well in life .My wife is a master with many areas in sewing from laying silk on walls in multi million dollar houses to very high end bob mackie style work . Steel bone work you name it and she is going to love you and it will make her smile . Every women in her family from the depression on up can sew at that level and when the family is down sewing can save and make alot of money keep it up . gene
Gracia. You are very talented and make it look so easy to make and fun to watch. I think I will even let my husband to watch your instructables.
Her sense of style is just remarkable!!!
Instructable I'd love to see: how to turn a complete but boring outfit into pasties. Thanks.
Awesome :D
I wouldn't mind if she boiled water... I'd watch. I always skip the steps of the "craft" and get to the good parts anyway. ;)
¡Sus vídeos son muy calientes! Gracias
Your instructables are a breath of fresh air. Very fun and imaginitive.
Like it really needs to be said... I am a fan! Woo-hoo!
:O, u should be in the entertainment industrie

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