Step 6: Load in Operating System and Games

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It's time to get digital! Your console now needs an operating system and applications. Plug your keyboard and mouse into usb ports on your system. You will be keeping these in until you have everything set the way you want it.

1) Install your operating system. I have attached instructions below on the process for installing Windows XP using a computer and an SD card reader.

2) Now with the operating system up and running, you are free to get all the games, emulators and application you want. The easiest way to load these games on your hard drive is by taking out the SD card and plugging it into your computer with the SD card reader. Just drag and drop all the games and emulators in a folder on your SD Card. You are free to put whatever games and emulators you choose on the card, but they need to be games that can be mapped to your controllers. See the appendix attached to step 8 for my recommended emulators.

0fin4 years ago
when i create the dos start up disk
there is only 1.38mb on my sd card now???HELP???
0fin4 years ago
i cant find 4 or 5 and cant get the format tool to work
it sais unoversal but apperently it is only for pc games that can be mapped on a controller with about, 10 buttons. that are not speed sensitive, you might as well play this on a computer than reck a perfectly good super nintendo,
reptedjess4 years ago
So, you have to go pro to get the PDF. Is there any way you could send it to me?