Picture of Turn a boring lamp into a pretty one!
Basically, I took a regular 'ol floor lamp and repainted the shades. Might sound boring but its actually a very nice and unique look.
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Step 1:

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The supplies I used:

Floor Lamp: $15
White primer spray paint: $4
Red acrylic paint: $1
Black acrylic spray paint: $1
Sponge brushes: $2 for a pack of three
Total: $23

Step 2:

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First I spray painted the shades, and let sit for a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.

Step 3:

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Next, mix the paint. I used red with a little dab of black to darken it up (believe me a little bit goes a LONG way!) and give it a nice comforting color when the light shines through. 

Step 4:

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Then, Paint away! I liked the texture the sponge brushes gave it. 

Also, don't worry if the color is to dark or to light when you first apply it, you can always add more black or red to get it the shade you want it.

Step 5:

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finish painting, let dry overnight and........

Step 6:

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...Voila! A plain boring lamp turned into a pretty and functional piece.
surpriya..72 years ago
Im definitely going to try this!!!! :D
Is there any alternative to the primer??
JackieDeMayo (author)  surpriya..72 years ago
The primer might not be necessary, but maybe try adding a second coat of paint instead.

Thanks for commenting!
porklips2 years ago
getting out my spray paint. I was looking for a great shade idea. For your lamp, painting the base green would look cool flowery!
Babyshoes2 years ago
Cool idea! I think some darker red strokes at the base would make it look like a tulip...
That's awesome - it looks so much nicer now. :D