Picture of Turn a boring lamp into a pretty one!
Basically, I took a regular 'ol floor lamp and repainted the shades. Might sound boring but its actually a very nice and unique look.

Step 1:

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The supplies I used:

Floor Lamp: $15
White primer spray paint: $4
Red acrylic paint: $1
Black acrylic spray paint: $1
Sponge brushes: $2 for a pack of three
Total: $23
surpriya..72 years ago
Im definitely going to try this!!!! :D
Is there any alternative to the primer??
JackieDeMayo (author)  surpriya..72 years ago
The primer might not be necessary, but maybe try adding a second coat of paint instead.

Thanks for commenting!
porklips2 years ago
getting out my spray paint. I was looking for a great shade idea. For your lamp, painting the base green would look cool flowery!
Babyshoes2 years ago
Cool idea! I think some darker red strokes at the base would make it look like a tulip...
That's awesome - it looks so much nicer now. :D