Picture of Broken record = easy art!
Here I will show you how to turn a cheap, scratched, or broken record that can't be used into art! One mans trash is another man's treasure, eh?

Step 1: Supplies:

Picture of Supplies:
glue gun.jpg
Old record

Some kind of clear-dry substance that will laminate the record and keep it together. (like puzzle glue.)

Or you could just hot glue the pieces down.

Posterboard or something to glue the shattered pieces to.

Frame (optional)
ANTQNUT5 years ago
I like it!
knuckel ANTQNUT5 years ago
 wow, that is vary creative, i will try this, but i will hope for a lightning bolt, maby i can use a exato- knife to carve it into the record. THX
Rastlosen knuckel4 months ago

If you use a heat gun first and get it a bit warm an exacto knife goes to work nicely.

ikoda6 years ago
Looks really cool. Nice job. How did you break it?
Salsa766 (author)  ikoda6 years ago
dropped it
mdog93 Salsa7663 years ago
Did you drop it on its edge?
lewismeads3 years ago
I was doing something similar to this, i got a huge stack of records from a charity shop becuase they cannot sell scratched ones so i asked the manager and she gave me a huge pile for a small domnation
lumpee3 years ago
I think the best way to break it would be to try not to.
andybuda4 years ago
satisfaction.. thats the broken one, the other one was some random coloured one thats no good can still be played though.
jello6665 years ago
Put it in the freezer for a hour then drop it. If you use the plastic bag idea from earlier it will be less messy.
im taking the red record and im taping the record and drawing a puzzle on it and cutting it with a band saw but... the record is scrached so worthless 78 until its cut!!
shyamiko5 years ago
this is fun to do with CDs too :D
how high did you drop the cd from?
 From about 3 feet, feel free to be aggressive or consevative judging on the amount of pieces flying around. Try not not lose any!
thanks im going to salvation army to get a chipped record for $0.49!!!!
You'd probably have to smash the CD '~'

Put it in a plastic bag to protect the surface's prettyness, and to keep the peices together i'd duct tape the back of whichever side you want showing. Then, put it somewhere somewhat uneven... and smash!
I think it would have looked great if you kept the original record sleeve, and glued it on the actual sleeve.
i just did what you said yesterday... i didn't even read your comment, i guess great minds think alike ;)
Demon2diva5 years ago
mine has too many little pieces when i break it.. any ideas how to stop this from happening?
Salsa766 (author)  Demon2diva5 years ago
drop it from not very high, that way you won't get many pieces, just repeat it like that until you have the desired amount of pieces.
Browncoat6 years ago
Neat idea!