Broken Record = Easy Art!





Introduction: Broken Record = Easy Art!

Here I will show you how to turn a cheap, scratched, or broken record that can't be used into art! One mans trash is another man's treasure, eh?

Step 1: Supplies:

Old record

Some kind of clear-dry substance that will laminate the record and keep it together. (like puzzle glue.)

Or you could just hot glue the pieces down.

Posterboard or something to glue the shattered pieces to.

Frame (optional)

Step 2: Find an Old or Broken Record.

Its okay if it's already broken or has a little chip, I chose an old Capitol, anything will do. One that is firm and not flimsy will be better.

Step 3: Shatter It!

Here is the fun part; time to break it! Drop it, bang it against a table, run it over with a car, I don't know be creative! Bring that record to it's demise. I just dropped it several times. Just don't lose the pieces.

Step 4: Putting It Back Together.

It's kind of like a puzzle. Put it together and chose the right amount of spacing you want between each piece. Then glue it (or paste it) back together.

Step 5: Congratulations!

You just finished it! Feel free to frame it. Now sit down and watch your friends and family enjoy your masterpiece.



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I like it!

 wow, that is vary creative, i will try this, but i will hope for a lightning bolt, maby i can use a exato- knife to carve it into the record. THX

If you use a heat gun first and get it a bit warm an exacto knife goes to work nicely.

Looks really cool. Nice job. How did you break it?

Did you drop it on its edge?

I was doing something similar to this, i got a huge stack of records from a charity shop becuase they cannot sell scratched ones so i asked the manager and she gave me a huge pile for a small domnation

I think the best way to break it would be to try not to.

satisfaction.. thats the broken one, the other one was some random coloured one thats no good can still be played though.


Put it in the freezer for a hour then drop it. If you use the plastic bag idea from earlier it will be less messy.