There are some powerful airsoft rifles out there for very little cash. Particularly spring powered sniper rifles and shotguns with great internals, who's only draw back is that they just plain don't look real enough for a serious airsoft game.
Here's how I turned my $160 UTG L96 into a nice piece of eye candy.
It's not terribly hard to do if you have any kind of DIY attitude, but I'll lay it all out there and hopefully it will make you think twice about passing up some of those plasticy looking guns.

Last time I played airsoft in my local, orange tips were not nessicery.
Check your local laws regarding replica firearms.
I make things look pretty, I'm not responsible for what you do with them after.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

First you need a lousy looking airsoft gun.
My choice was the UTG K96 which is an imitation of the L96 commonly known as the AWP in counterstrike.
There's another brand that makes one almost just like this. Can't vouch for the internals though.

Pros of this weapon.
-Price point. $160 with a firearms grade scope.
-Powerful. 460 FPS, borderline too powerful for most fields.
-Primary weapon. All you need is a backup ready for close encounters.
-Spring powered. No batteries, no gas.
-Cheap mags. You don't need many for a game either.
-Realistic action. The real one works on the same concept. Cock and shoot for every shot.

-Looks and feels like cheap plastic.
-Does not load like the real-steel.
-No dummy mag. The spot where the real mag-well would be is just closed up.

Tools and materials.
-Jewellers saw. Not needed, but sure makes some of those little cuts a lot easier.
-Dremmel with heavy duty cutting disks and sanding wheel.
-Sandpaper. Prolly just 100, 220 and 400 grit.
-Epoxy putty.
-Precision hobby knife
-Exacto knife.
-Files. Either one half-round or a small set of varying sizes.
-Matte Finish. Duracoat and an applicator or a nice brand of matte spray paint.
-Dummy mag, in the caliber of the weapon you are imitating.
-The saw on my leatherman came in handy too. Gerbers sometimes have grit saws for PVC that would be awesome.

The real L96 is available in multiple calibers. Most common is 7.62x51 which is the same as the M14.
I was able to pick up a real-steel 5rd M14 mag for $20.
For a sniper rifle you want the 5rd because the longer ones will get in the way when you're laying flat on the ground with the bi-pod. It's unlikely that you'd ever see a real sniper rifle with a long mag.
You could use one of the cheapo plastic airsoft mags you buy in boxes too, just cut it to size and maybe duracoat it as well. But other airsoft mags are usually more expensive and more complex than the real steel. Best not to cut them up for something like this.

For paint, I used Duracoat. It's a real firearms finish. It goes on thick, it's an epoxy coat with some elasticity so it doesn't chip, no primer needed.
For colors I used tactical OD and black for the barrel.
You either need an airbrush set up in which case you will also need to buy the Duracoat thinner to clean your equipment because this stuff ain't water soluble.
Or you need a disposable applicator. The place I bought my Duracoat from was selling something like a can of duster gas for your computer with a glass bottle on the bottom.
It was about $17cdn per 4oz duracoat, $11 for the degreaser and $18 per disposable applicator.

You could use a spraypaint but you'll have to primer and probably touch up before long.

If you are buying a gun with this project in mind, for the cost of the materials, duracoat and applicators needed to do one gun, it might be worth puting the extra money towards a better quality rifle from the start.
But if you have one of these already and/or you have more than one gun to paint, this is easily worth the money.
If you have an airbrush it will also cut the cost.
If not you will need one applicator for each color of Duracoat, and you can't re-use it.
There's supposed to be enough gas in one to apply an entire 4oz bottle of coat, so to get the most out of it, round up everything you might want to paint, prep them all, mix the entire bottle and use it up.
You only get one shot, the paint will cure in the applicator after a while.

Our mistake was that we mixed the enitre bottle thinking we'd barely have enough to do what we wanted.
In fact we had more than enough to paint the L96, my P90's frame, 1911's frame, my friend's glock's frame and my flashlight.
After that we still had half a bottle left, though the guns could have used a few more coats, I would have liked to have done some of my knives and other outdoors equipment, we could have even done my friend's P90.

Here are some before shots.

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<p>Nice work! I don't think I could bring myself to do that on a &pound;100+ rifle, but it would be good if I did at some point. </p>
I think I just blew a blood vessel looking at that P90.
I just painted my clear plastic shotgun black with accrylic paint... It looks great... I'll post some pics soon... I really like your guns!
This wouldn't happen to be your cat would it?
Tiny rifle or a huge cat? ZOMG we're all screwed by the he-uge kitteh!
My cat trained that one.
He seems to have stolen your weapon... Watch your back...
bring a cheap gun to a war shoot them while there laughing
Oh, yeah almost forgot LOL, I like the Instructable. Very helpful, i used it to work on my smith & wesson shot gun (airsoft of course :0 ) please make more and if you have what are they?
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I'm gathering parts to make myself what's probably going to be a single-shot, maybe a double barreled shotgun to start, with very inexpensive yet re-usable shells. Just so it's not the end of the world if one gets away from you. Unlike most gas or even spring shotguns. Also, it will hopefully have a fairly impressive spread. I'm just concerned about how efficient it's going to be on the gas. If I can find the parts I need. I should have some test-fires of the mechanism done in the next couple weeks, but my job's working me like a dog, so it'll be tough to squeeze this project into my spare time as I am also making a projector. But just to get your gears turning, look into using Co2 bicycle tire pumps. I've found some that can use any size of threaded or non threaded Co2 cartridge like the ones a BB gun uses. They will have everything you need to hold and puncture the powerlet, as well as a control valve. That's half of the airsoft gun right there. I was also looking into using the N2o powered whipped cream dispensers because they use a similar powerlet, so it should be easy enough to modify to take the 12g Co2 powerlets. But the bike pumps look like they're closer to what you'll need in the end so you may as well start with them.
my favorite gun double barrel mad max shotgun
Mine will be more functional. It should have at least a six pellet shot. I need to work out exactly how much power I need to launch X number of BBs. Also going to experiment with a refillable tank that can accept the propane adaptor. The whole thing will be more economical.
sound awsome
where can you buy the modeling plastic?
I got mine from a Canadian outfit called Princess Auto in their Surplus section. Not exactly a reliable source for things like that. I'm not sure where else you'd go for it. Hobby and craft stores I imagine.
Princess auto FTW!!!!!!!<br />
*highfive* It sucks though. There isn't a princess auto in the greaterVancouver area, which has effectively put the breaks on have of my wildschemes. I'd probably have my airsoft shotgun system made by now ifthere were.<br />
Where'd you get the Dura-spray spray paint? Sorry for the somewhat ovbious question. Could I just run down to Rona or Home Depot and find some there?
My understanding is that it's 'The firearms coating' to use, so check with gun dealers.<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;purchased mine from a Canadian outfit called <a href="http://fabsports.ca" rel="nofollow">fabports.ca</a> but last I&nbsp;checked they didn't seem to be re-stocking their supply.<br /> In the US&nbsp;I&nbsp;imagine you could get it from the main web site. <a href="http://www.duracoat-firearm-finishes.com/" rel="nofollow">www.duracoat-firearm-finishes.com/</a><br /> <br /> I&nbsp;just hate having to pay duties and customs fees when I ship things across the border.<br /> Suppose I could send it to my sister in the states if I&nbsp;need some more.<br />
Dude! nice cat! haha really
I agree.
Stay tuned! I'm getting settled in at my new home here in BC. I have a job now, so in the next couple pay cheques I plan on getting the materials for the mod on my M16, and possibly a home made shotgun. Not going to look like any shotguns that currently exist, but it should look like one that could possibly exist. Sort of a conceptual, tactical shotgun.
that is one sexy gun.
Looked like a cheap plastic piece of s**t when you started, now it looks decent!! I really like the P-90 btw.
Does this work with CO2 powered airsoft pistols? That's what I'm best with.
As far as the paint goes, there's no reason it shouldn't. The important thing is that the surface be porus enough for it to bond, but worse case scenareo is you go over it with 400 grit sandpaper. Also you take it apart and protect any surfaces that need to move freely against other parts. Say, if you were to put a whole milimeter worth of duracoat on the underside of the slide, it wouldn't fit back on to the frame properly.
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Your other guns are just as cool, I see you like long range and CQB. Where do you airsoft? Anywhere in MI? ~F!nnster
HEY YOU COPIED MY ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Jk it's different but similar
Thanks! I'm in Canada. I haven't seriously played for a long time. I'm about to move and hope there's more players and fields near where I'm going. The rifle and pistol are just my newest acquisitions for re-entering the sport. I have an M16 a1 which I am planning to modify. I'll have that posted here once I get it done.
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Hi, The Duracoat that you used, are there many colours available? and What shade of green did you use?
I used Tactical OD. The tactical variety has a particularly low reflective value.
the cat steals the show... i have a mane coon too
Nice work man, I really like it! I'm not willing to cut my one up just yet though. I guess you're a fairly serious airsofter? If you wouldn't mind taking a look at my one and only Instructable and telling me what you think I would appreciate it. Keep up the good work.
I would consider myself serious save for the fact that I haven't played a formal game in four years. But I'm hardcore about the realism, or at the very least, looking really really cool. I see you're in Ireland. Not fully familiar with the gun laws there, I'm guessing it could be hard to find a real 7.62x51mm mag. If you do decide to bite the bullet/BB and do my mod, using one of those really cheapo plastic mid-cap mags you buy in boxes would make the project much easier. I could have done the whole thing with my leatherman. And if you can get the epoxy putty, this mod would be so simple, you could do everything but paint in a night. You don't need to do the barrel, I found it had a nice flat colour to it, I just wanted something more durable. But the body gives off a nasty shine as you can see in your picture, which is particularly harsh for a black rifle in a woodland setting. I say work yourself up to it. It really takes the gun from toy to prop quality replica. Thanks for the comment! And everybody go check out his instructable. It's awesome.
upgrade inner barrel and sear box
We figured the barrel might be the cause of the innaccuracy. Any particular sear box you'd recommend? I don't know much about the internals myself. That's my buddy's field.
well a zero trigger would be nice but it costs nearly as much as the gun itself ( which i assume is a UTG type 96 ) so you should probably browse around for a metal sear box .
Hehe, My L96-A1 looks the same, It just cost me 1300$. I think it is the greatest gun that I have ever bought - I have the real version too. Believe it or not the real one was cheaper.

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