I commute to work everyday by bicycle and I'm not crazy about arriving to the office with a soaked back. Plus I have to hang the shirt to dry which may or may not musk the room and my coworker who shares the space with me has to spray fabreeze all over my breathing space (chemicals, ewwww). So I decided to create a bike rack to remove the weight off my shoulders and solve all these life problems. Good.

So what do we make the rack out of? Something that looks strong and that is cheaply available. We all know that if you visit a thrift store you'll find a pile of crutches. This crutch I found in a dumpster, hopefully whoever had it before has healed and is living a wonderful life.

What materials did I use? Surprising very little

  • a crutch
  • some plastic pegs (screws would be better)
  • a band saw
  • metal cutting saw
  • drill press
  • scrap wood for the platform
  • a few zip ties

Step 1: Cut Your Crutch!

Clamp the crutch down and begin sawing!

I made my cuts where the crutch begins to curve. I placed some tape to show as markers.

As you can see in the picure which part of the crutch is used for the horizontal platform (The side with the shoulder pad)

I ended up cutting the bars again since they were too long. I cut about 1 inch past the last setting holes. That way I wouldn't have aluminum posts being rammed into my legs yet have a nice long platform for the rear.

I made a few modifications but it turned out great! thanks for the instructable. :)
<p>Although this is a good build, I'm afraid I can't help remembering that the non-return of crutches and walking sticks is a major on-cost to public health services. </p><p>I know of hospitals in the UK that regularly have to send staff to car boot sales, charity stores and scrap yards to reclaim crutches, walking sticks and zimmer frames that should have been returned when the patients no longer needed them.</p>

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