Step 14: Reference 1: Tools & parts

Before I go in to the bill of tools & materials its worth mentioning that having multiple eyeglasses, ear muffs and face masks around your work area is a good idea. Its one thing to intend to use safety equipment, human nature tends to urge us to proceed in to a 'quick job' without bothering to stop what we're doing and go find the correct safety wear. Its these 'quick jobs' that are most likely to result in accidents. I've found that by having a pair of glasses at every workstation I'm able to quick don the protection before starting work.

Quick run through some of the tools used to make this project

Materials used to make the box
8" Shiplap available from any lumber supplies outlet
Oak veneer, I recommend Rockler
1/8" Aluminium sign for the faceplates
Old glass bottle for the light housing
1" Oak board for the light end caps
Assorted switches salvaged from broken electronics
Wine cork for the feet.

Powertools used and recommended price on craigslist : ymmv
Scroll saw :craigslist for $50
Band saw : craigslist for $40
Table saw : craigslist for $100
Hand drill : Yard sale for $5 - yay!
Variable speed plunge Router: Rockler $dont ask - I was tired waiting for one to turn up on craigslist.. and guess what happened after I bought this (o; $150 is a good price for this model

Various hand tools for this or any project
sand paper,
sanding block,
Dowel center
Selection of good woodworking drill bits
Knife for cutting veneer
Hot glue gun.

Additional references
Intructable: Upgrading the fence on an old crafstman tablesaw
Bigev6 years ago
I happen to have a CD/radio/ nature sounds alarm clock. The CD player is broken, I hate the nature sounds, and it has some really small buttons to operate the darn thing. This seems to be a great solution to trim the features I don't want! Thank you.