Step 6: Suspend Light From Ceiling of Fixture

Next, thread some galvanized steel wire through the top of the black metal fixture to make a three-point hanging system. The lower ends of the wires can thread through the exisiting screw holes on the outer edge of the white circuit board assembly, or you can drill new holes.

The terribly unfortunate image here shows the inside of the metal fixture with the wire wrapped around one metal crossbar.

Yes, I know.
You're welcome.
Awesome. Thanks for structions. Been thinking of doing this project. How the light given off by the LED ? Anything more than ornamental?
I must admit... the light is pretty weak. Strictly ornamental. But for me, it's a light at the end of a very short driveway, and we have streetlights and such. In extreme dark situations, I don't think this would provide enough light to make one feel truly illuminated.
Enjoyed seeing this Instructable as I am preparing to do the same thing myself. In terms of the brightness, you swapped out the wiring for longer wiring. Did you account for the voltage drop?
Great project! <br>I guess mine wasn't so original
April 1, 2007 through June 7, 2011... light is still shining... no new battery or anything! Total savings update for 4 years and 2 months of NOT burning natural gas for this fixture has reached a total of $691.
I don't get it. unless u'r like "natural sunlight! get it off me!", why would u need artificial light that's only available when natural light is?
Just thought I would add that the gas company wanted $14 a month to have a gas light burning in this fixture. <br/><br/>1 year at $14/month = $168<br/>Cost of light = $9<br/>Net savings = $159<br/>
"natural sunlight! get it off me!" - LOL! But, you have a confusedness... The light is not on during the day. The battery charges during the day via the solar cell. The unit comes with a light sensor, so it knows when it's night, and then the light comes on. But only at night. By the way, one year and seventeen days later, and it's still going. Pretty sweet.
Well done, but the 4 faces on the gas light cry out for 4 cells, batteries and leds for a brighter light. good job, great pics. Thanks for sharing.
Indeed. But that also has the prerequisite of the wife's permission, since that makes the $9 light into a $36 light. So, I figured I'd see how just one light performed since it has an ultra-bright LED. (Says so right on the box, so it MUST be true!) Thanks for the compliments!
great! I LIKE IT!
haha good cover, you retain your street cred with the cool kids!
wow htis is amazing are u sure this is your 1# successful instrutabal u seem like a pro P.S: keep up the good work
I am an amateur instructabler. I dream of going pro though. I believe with enough hard work and pushups anyone can go pro.

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