Turn an ordinary wine barrel into both a functional and decorative sink for outdoor use. You can use a variety of sinks and faucets to achieve the look or budget you desire.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

One 55 gallon oak barrel
Bar sink (mine is a 15" hand pounded copper sink)
Faucet (I used an oil-rubbed brass single lever faucet)
Copper roofing nails (If using a copper sink)
Silicon sealer (my sink came with a bronze colored silicon)
Sink drain (my sink came with a drain)
Metal support straps to hold the door wood together
Door hardware (hinges, handle and latch)
Water in connectors (this will vary on your water source)
Plastic drain extender
Connectors to go from drain extender to sump pump connector
Hose drain (I used a sump pump tubing)
ABS glue if using the plastic drain to sump pump hose as in Instructable
#8 3/4" stainless screws to secure the wood staves to the metal rings
000 steel wool to sand the metal rings for painting
Metal paint primer (for barrel rings)
Metal paint (for barrel rings)
Painters masking tape
Deck stain/water repellent (for oak staves)
Paint/stain brushes

Electric Drill with titanium drill bits for drilling metal rings and sink if necessary
Jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade to cut oak
Miter or other hand saw with fine-tooth blade
Screwdriver or screw bit for drill
Pliers for shaping the metal rings and hinges to fit wood curvature
Crescent wrench(s) for attaching hose connectors to faucet.
Clamps for securing wood while assembling the door

<p>I am attempting to turn a wine barrel into a wet-bar for my loft and have run into problems with the door hinges. I used strap hinges as you did and have sanded a champher on the hinge side of both the door and the barrel. However when I try to open the door, the hinges bind. I noticed when I remove 2 of the 3 screws on the hinge, the door works well but the hinge attempts to swivel to one side or the other which is obviously what&rsquo;s binding. Any ideas?</p>
http://warringbarrels.com/ <br>
You know I have to do one of these for my deck now... thanks a lot... another project my wife will fuss at me for... LOL <br> <br>Seriously good idea and you did a real nice job putting it together.
Where is the best place to find a wine barrel?
Wineries are of course your best bet. I have also seen them at my local hardware store for around $50. Wineries often get rid of barrels after a couple of years of use. Harvest time in the late summer/fall is a good time to check around with them.
Wonderfull!,wondering if it would be possible to hook up to a rain barrel system?My concern would be draining the grey water,I can't imagine my garden would enjoy soapy water,maybe a special soap?
If you look at a lot of the DIY garden tonics, you will see dish soap listed as one of the ingredients. It does everything from coating the leaves to prevent sunburn on the leaves to deterring boring pests. When I was little and we had apples trees, we would dump the dish water at the base of the trees to prevent moles and other diggers from burrowing into the dirt. <br> <br>If you read post about compost piles, They say that dish water is OK as long as it is not too greasy and doesnt contain other chemicals besides dish liquid. <br> <br>Please check out post at the forestry service <br>http://forest.mtu.edu/pcforestry/resources/studentprojects/composting.htm
You can buy biodegradable soap. I would try a health food store.
Where did you get the wine barrel? I have no idea where to find something like that.
If you live a an area with wineries that is the best place to start. Wineries only use barrels a few times. You should contact some and see when they might have some available. Sometimes you can even get them for free.
These things go for about $900 online if you can find them, so it could be a lucrative project, depending on your supplies and patience. ;)
That is beautiful!&nbsp; In my climate I'd be concerned about water on the &quot;countertop&quot;.&nbsp; Perhaps a epoxy resin coat would waterproof it and preserve the wood?&nbsp; <br /> <br /> These would be awesome to see at craft fairs!!<br /> <br /> (and the barrels would make good rain barrel covers, maybe)<br />
Awesome job......that would go great in&nbsp;my camp
Very nice... Appeals to my plumber instinct.<br />
This is pretty cool!<br />
&nbsp;This is really coooolll&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Very nice instructable too.<br /> <br /> you could also put a bucket in the bottom for the drain?<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Very nice finish, this could be turned into a &quot;hand pump&quot; with grey water retention capability.<br /> <br /> Do you find the sink hole gets blocked or do you cover it from the elements?<br />
This is brand new so I haven't had it outside yet. I do have a sink strainer in it to prevent stuff from getting inside.<br /> Michelle
Esta muy bonito, que buena idea. : D M&eacute;xico
Very nice work!<br />
I'd never seen or heard of these before, good instructions, well illustrated too.<br /> <br /> L<br />
This is the classiest! outdoor sink I have ever seen.&nbsp; Excellent 'ible!
Well done! I like this project!<br />

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