Step 4: Making a turning table for your hot wire cnc

Picture of Making a turning table for your hot wire cnc
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Now I had my patterns prepared. What I didn't have was a turning table for my foam cutter cnc, so I had to make one. That wasn't so hard. I just cut a circle out of a polywood and made a hole in the middle of it. I also made a similar hole in the middle of my foam cutter cnc table, then I joined them with an appropriate screw for it to spin smoothly. The only things missing from that turning table were the marks for the degrees so I printed a circle with the right pattern.
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lordduckx3 years ago
Hey, Awesome 'ible!

Three questions, what kind of foam did you use to cut out of, how much did it cost, and where did you get it from? I'm really interested in replicating this!