This hack turns an Ikea HOL coffeetable-type piece of furniture (well, they call it a storage cube) into a side-opening cabinet. (The problem is that, unhacked, the HOL is top-opening so you can't stack them.) I use two stacked together as a printer stand plus as cabinets for my PC and ham radios.

Step 1: Decide Which Side You Want to Have Fold Down

he HOL has two sides (opposite one another) that are potential fold-downs and two that are
not. Choose one.
<p>Awesome idea! We have to of these, and they are great for storage. However, it's difficult to get into them once we start putting all types of things on top (the lid). I love the idea of accessing items from the side.</p>
<p>I actually just left one side off and turned it into a feeding station for my cats. Keeps my dogs out, as they don't fit! I just keep the open side 6 or so inches from the wall. The cats fit, the German Shepherd doesn't!</p>
I think I'm gonna use this concept to make a hidden litter box, just cut an access portal for the little pooper. This table is only $35 now.
This is something I could actually do! thank you so much for sharing this! :)
Great job!
Great job! How much did the original table thing cost by itself (with tax and stuff.). Just an estimate..
Thanks for the comment, GorillazMiko! The HOL is $50 at Ikea. When we bought ours a couple of years ago my recollection is that they were cheaper, like $30 or so, but this may just be wishful thinking on my part. --Phil

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