Turn an Old Belt into a Headband- Quick & Easy!

Picture of Turn an Old Belt into a Headband- Quick & Easy!
This instructable was inspired by the Betabrand Belt Reuse Challenge contest. I always have trouble keeping headbands in place, maybe because I have an oddly sized or shaped head. I came up with this quick and easy way to make a headband from old belts that can be customized to fit anyone.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this project, you will need the following:

An old belt


Measuring tape

Glue (optional)

Needle and thread

Larger needle than you will actually sew with, or small nail


Step 2: Measure, Cut & Glue

Picture of Measure, Cut & Glue
Take two measurements for your headband: one over the top of your head where you will wear your headband, from behind one ear to the other, and the second all the way around your head where your headband will sit.

Use your first measurement as the length to cut your belt. Simply decide what section of your belt you would like to use, measure the length to match the ear to ear measurement you already took and cut. Set aside for a moment.

Now subtract your ear to ear measurement from your total head circumference. For example, my measurement was 23" around and 18" ear to ear, so 23-18= 5". This is the length you should cut your elastic.

Take about an inch of elastic and attach it to the back of the belt piece with craft glue. Press firmly for as long as it takes your glue to bond. I used quick drying glue (Krazy Glue did not work), but you may need to secure the elastic with something like a paperclip and come back to it if the glue you use takes longer. Once dry (or at least stable), repeat with the other side, connecting the ends of the belt piece with the elastic band. Be sure your belt and elastic make a continuous, untwisted circle.

Allow both ends to dry completely.
dblduh3 years ago
Great idea! Something to do with all the cheap belts that come with clothes.