Turn an Empty Bic Lighter Into an Emergency Firetool: Repurposing Things Most Folks Throw Away





Introduction: Turn an Empty Bic Lighter Into an Emergency Firetool: Repurposing Things Most Folks Throw Away

This video will show you how to turn a dead bic lighter into an emergency fire tool by cutting off the bottom to use it to store tinder.



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    Here's my video


    There's 7, I'm sorry but it's the only way I could think of to highlight everything...

    Photo 1: Overall, it looks like a normal lighter. Maybe a little shorter.
    Photo 2: The bottom. The paperclip is bent and pointed towards the center to keep that 'normal' look.
    Photo 3: To open, twist the 'handle' out to where you can get a grip on it.
    Photo 4: Pull it out so that you can grip it firmly. (I use the pliers on my multi-tool, but if you use a stronger piece of metal, you could probably use your fingers.)
    Photo 5: This is the end-cap, notice the little notch.
    Photo 6: All the pieces, minus tinder. (I don't have cotton balls)
    Photo 7: This is how the end-cap goes in. Just sand off the colored plastic and make it a little bit smaller than it was to begin with. Add the notch for your paperclip or other piece of metal, and voila! Hope you like it!


    Nice, I dig it for sure. Thanks for sharing. Im gonna play around with your idea once I get some more dead bics.



    Nice little instructable. Could also wrap it in some duct tape as part of a small emergency kit.

    Nice. Is there a way to perhaps make a cap for the end? Like maybe cut a little higher into the body of the lighter, slim down the inside of the cut off end and the outside of the remaining body to allow them to mate up? That would be extra waterproofing, plus then all you'd need to do is store a paperclip instead of all that extra plastic. Just a thought. Great 'ible!

    Interesting, I might look into that when I get another dead bic. Thanks for checking out my instructable. Cheers