Step 4: Making the generator cradle

Picture of Making the generator cradle
Cut two pieces of 1/2" plywood to fit the diameter of your generator. Cut slots in the cradle base by drilling a series of small holes close together. An 1/8" router bit could also be used to cut a slot.

Glue and screw the two sides to the cradle base.

I really think this bike's a cool idea. I've got a motor picked out, but I have a question. How do you attach a fitting to the motor to make it accept the belt tightly? All of the motors I find have a simple rod with grooves dug into the rod.
wingsinger (author)  luptonicedtea6 years ago
I may have misread your post. If you have a motor with a rod on the side parallel to the motor shaft, you can pivot the motor on the rod to tension the belt. Make two brackets to support each end of the rod and mount the brackets to the base. The grooves in the end of the rod are to accept an e-clip or c-clip. Any hardware store can match a pair of clips to the rod. To pivot the motor on the rod and tension the belt, attach a spring or bungee to the side of the motor opposite the pivot rod. The closer you connect the spring to the belt end of the motor, the better.
wingsinger (author)  luptonicedtea6 years ago
Sounds like you have a motor with a shaft machined for the newer style belts. Whether it is a 1/2" shaft or 5/8" shaft, you should be able to mount a pulley on top of it. Note that I made a cradle to hold the motor and can slide the cradle back to tighten the belt.