Turn an IPod Nano Into a Silent Movie Player (Without Linux)





Introduction: Turn an IPod Nano Into a Silent Movie Player (Without Linux)

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I figured out a way to play silent movies on an iPod Nano.

By Taking advantage of the 'Scroll through photos with the scroll wheel' (while taking up the whole nano screen) feature, you can assume amazing control of the video.

P.s You'll need Adobe ImageReady (or similar application).

Step 1: Find a Movie and Import It.

Find a movie (It has to be an MOV) and drag it onto the ImageReady icon.

Smaller movies are better. Remember, the iPod nano's screen is pretty small, so you don't need much.

Dragging the file onto the ImageReady icon will create a window that asks if you want the whole movie or just part.

I'm using a very small MOV of a plane landing, so I said GIVE ME THE WHOLE THING.

Step 2: Make Images From the Frames

After it's finished processing your movie, you'll have an animation of it in which, every frame is on it's own layer.


Step 3: Export Frames As Images

Go under the file menu to EXPORT. Then choose 'Layers as Files'.

An Export windows shows up that lets you choose where to put the files (It's making image files out of each frame) and what format ect. The iPod supports all image formats as far as I know, so I wouldn't worry about that.

The important part is choosing where to put them. Well. It's not THAT important. Basically you want them all in one place.

I put them in a folder called 'NANO Animation of Plane'.

When finished, Quite ImageReady.

Step 4: Import Into IPhoto

Import all your new frame images (in whatever format you chose) into iPhoto.

Put them all in an album together. Call it whatever.

I called it NANO Animation of plane'.

Step 5: Sync to IPod

Plug in your iPod Nano.

Go to preferences in iTunes and make sure that, not only are you syncing photos to the nano, but you are syncing your new album with the frames in it.

When it's finished updating, Eject it. unplug.

Step 6: PLAY.

Navigate in your iPod to photos. Pop open that album with your frames in it.

Bring the first one ( or whichever) up.

Now move your finger around the scroll wheel clockwise. It may be a little 'sticky' at first.

But soon you see that your movie ( in my case a plane landing) is running.

Here's the real fun.

Move your finger slower. The movie runs in slow motion.

Move your finger FASTER. The movie runs in FAST motion!

Move it counter-Clockwise. It moves backwards.


And you can play music while you do this. So you can have a little VJ session mixing live video while you listen to a song you made.

By the way, as far as I know, this will work with other photo enabled iPods as well.

You could hook an RCA out to an iPod and produce music and live visuals at a club with this technique.

Have Fun.



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    HAy Dude Just Get the sound and make it the slideshows Song... SO EASY TO GET SOUND

    So basically you turn a video all into pictures then put them on your ipod. Then you play them back real fast like stop-animation....woah I got to try this...cool

    I have a nice idea! Let's say you could modify(like really in milliseconds) the time between photos and then play it like a real video(maybe evenput a "song" in sync (in diaporama) That'd be cool wouldn't it?

    What a memory jogger. I remember there was this website which had an archive of this stuff, but I can't seen to find it today. Anyone know the url? -HubmaN

    Me and my friends made a stop frame animation video. We didn't really make it a video (of course) we just took a million pictures. Then I just scrolled through on my ipod video. Not alot of other mp3 players can do this you need a clickwheel unless you make it into a video.

    I have an idea but i can't do it, we have to do a patch that force the time for slide on ipod less than 2 seconds. So we can put on our ipod a film like photo and with the "slide show" watch a film with music under it, but i don't know like to do the patch if you can try. Bye

    doesent the brand new nano play video????

    We can't even play .gif images on the 5G iPod video. they can't be serious...

    if you notice on ipodLinux's wiki, it says that it overclocks the ipod to make it run linux. if you constantly are using the processor past it's max, then it will eventually damage it, so no the nano cannot "easily" handle video.... but your hack is nice!

    wel, if you extract the audio from the movie, and have it playing while scrolling the movie but i have no clue you would have to get the EXACT frame rate as the video for that. Apple also has thought about it, but decided against it not only because they want you to buy the video ipod, but because of insufficient space. when the nano came out in september 2005, apple (at least i have heard numerous times) created a beta firmware that started in october and was finalized in early december, although never released because of the video ipod

    couldnt u just sync the sound of your vid to its self

    ya, you definatley came up with that one on your own

    Well bean-machine, You can't play animated gifs on an iPod (if you could I wouldn't have written this). I was thinking today about how evil it is of apple not to have an update of the iPod OS that plays video... I mean, obviously the hardware can handle it, becuase the linux replacement OS for the nano can play color videos with sound. Apple is obviously trying to rope us into buying the cideo iPod... But I was REALLY painful to have the iPod video come out like a month after I bought my nano...

    Or perhaps a simpler method would be to simply convert these frames into an animated GIF image and put THAT on your ipod. It would probably take up alot less space.

    Amazing...now I can watch all my Charlie Chaplin flicks on a one inch screen!

    P.s I have made an AUTOMATOR action that downloads a webcam image every time it updates, and imports it into iPhoto. If you throw those files on your iPod, you can scroll through the day!