Step 1: Prepare the Computer

i know, i know, but i know that there might be those who view this instructable who don't have an old computer....

anyway on to prepping the computer. your computer should have:
-at least 64MB of RAM (not too hard to get passed that these days)
-an intel or AMD processor (still not too hard)
-a cd-rom drive (still not hard)
-at least 600MB of space (you're going to want more than that since this is a server!)
-and the ability to boot from a CD
-an ethernet port

all in all, most of these requirements are easy to accomplish. since we will be using server edition for this install, this computer won't necessarily need 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive, though it would be nice...

Step 2: Get the Operating System

the operating system that we will be using is Ubuntu Server Edition 8.04. There are ways to achieve similar results with the desktop edition, but the GUI will take up a lot of memory and processing power.
you can download a cd image from this link:

make sure you choose "Server Edition" and select a mirror near you.
to burn the image, download an image burning software like MagicISO, or DVD Decrypter

or you could request free cds, but that takes time... 3-4 weeks to be exact...

Hi guys,

I blessed just for being part of the forum today. What lead me to it is that I am looking for help. I want to operate my own IPTV, I have a PC with Ubuntu 13.0 somthing on it. I want to follow some steps like installing the webmin, but the installation cannot be completed.

Hi guys,

I blessed just for being part of the forum today. What lead me to it is that I am looking for help. I want to operate my own IPTV, I have a PC with Ubuntu 13.0 somthing on it. I want to follow some steps like installing the webmin, but the installation cannot be completed.

xmozox3 years ago
after i add hostname for compter my computer dont do anything goes to a purple screen can any1 help
jgeorge133 years ago
I installed Ubuntu 11.10 Server Edition. The install went pretty well with only a few speed bumps, but I'm having an issue with the command line "sudo apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl"; Ubuntu gives me an error finding the package to install. I'm also getting an error locating the webmin package. I cannot install webmin because apparently it no longer exists at the URL according to my Ubuntu server. I checked both of these command lines as well as the webmin download URL and re-entered all said command lines in the above instructions with zero success. Any idea as to why I'm having these issues?
z2daj (author)  jgeorge133 years ago
The URLs are most assuredly outdated. My recommendation would be to google the packages in order to get the up-to-date package information.

If you need help, I can look into as well, though with two majors and the end of semester approaching... it may be couple weeks or so before I am able to.
how do i remove this???

I would really like to be able to have windows back on there
If you kept the disc that came with your Windows PC, all you have to do is put it in and re-install.
jbeatty13 years ago
cool im a do this now :D
I am having a little trouble with webmin and accessing my server. i installed webmin using the terminal commands you provided and it did not display any errors. The pc I want to use is connected via ethernet that is connected to a router. We have three pcs in the house, one running from an 802.11g wireless signal and the other are wired (ethernet). How do I get the ip for my server pc? I visited from my regular computer but it didn't work when accesing webmin. Also, from netopia (my router brand) I saw this note: From the LAN (Local Area Network), you will also be able to access these servers, but only using the internal private IP address. Access via the public IP address is not supported from a local ethernet connection. Does this mean I cannot set up a webserver? I would really appreciate your assistance. Thanks for the great tutorial...I just hope I can get it working right!
z2daj (author)  jeremycollins3 years ago
*Nearly two years later...*

If you know the router's IP address, say for example, and you have a DNS network, the router will automatically assign IP addresses to connected devices using this scheme 192.168.1.xx where 'xx' is the IP of the computer connected to the router. In most cases by default, the the IP addresses of connected devices begins at 101 and go on, as the router's address in this case would be 100.

Sorry for the late response! I never get e-mails when comments are posted, and I forgot all about this account!

With humble apologies,
x-treme4 years ago
You can also use, I prefer it over Top-level domains > Sub-domains
harry5994 years ago
When we have to enter these: HTTP 80 80 TCP serverIP FTP 21 21 TCP/UDP serverIP SSH 22 22 TCP serverIP Do we have to copy it exactly or do we put the ip in the bit that says serverIP? Thanks Harry
Ian01 harry5994 years ago
You put your server's local IP address there.
 I seem to be unable to do the first command of step 4 it gives me the same error every time. "E: Couldn't find package libnet-ssleay-per" If you could help me it would be much appreciated.
z2daj (author)  Lord_Drogoth4 years ago
 i know this sounds silly, but just make sure you typed everything right :D

i couldn't get anything to install at one point because of typos myself
 I checked it several times for errors before I entered  it and type it all over again and check that errors and I still didn't catch anything wrong with it
z2daj (author)  Lord_Drogoth4 years ago
 hmm, just do sudo apt-get install perl and then continue on. If the dependency of the webmin package isn't fulfilled, it should automatically search and install it from the repository. Good Luck!
 I'll try that thank you for your help and for the exceedingly speedy reply
digitrunner4 years ago
Great instructible and great intro LOL, I know, I know, I know, I know I know, ... Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone by Bill Withers, brb have to go put the song on now to get it out of my head...:P
abadfart5 years ago
dose anyone know prompt i don't
Google 'unix tutorials'
UNIX is what all linux distributions use. It is included as part of Ubuntu, openSUSE and any other linux distribution.
octavian2345 years ago
your website doesnt work
 lol nope. I'm also wondering if i can just keep it as a ip address?
iNORTON5 years ago
I don't have ssh in the list of application names.... I have ftp...http...https...dns..smpt...pop3....telnet...ipsec...pptp...netmeeting...dcs-1000...dcs-2000/dcs-5300...i2eye..
I was wondering what I might substitute to be able to have the same config as you do.. I am using a d-link 2300 router...

jpr35 years ago
THANKS for a great instructable. I've been wanting to do this for a long time - and I got it working in no time. You are great and Instructables is great! John
when i try and get webmin it says "E: Commad line option 'i' (from -i is not) know." plez hellp p.s. replace () with []
z2daj (author)  airsoftguy13105 years ago
did you do
sudo wget

and then do

sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.470_all.deb
Stephen3045 years ago
What extras should one install for a basic server that will host php scripts and html pages with the possibility of a sql database? Do i need to check install lamp? Near the end of the install it has an extras thing, i don't know if i need any.
yeah LAMP will do the trick perfectly
z2daj (author)  Stephen3045 years ago
yea you would want the LAMP server and Open SSH, sorry for the long comment wait, i've been very busy for the past month :P
Oh thanks, yeah, ive had a hardware deficiency lately and i have to use a tv for a monitor, and my dad doesn't like that. So i have to wait till hes gone somewhere. Next time i get a chance i will get back to that menu and see if i can get past it. Thanks.
Okay, I have a computer running windows 98. I dont know how old this computer is... You think I ca still do this?
as long as it meets the requirements then yeah
ccrh20085 years ago
could it be possible to have a type of program on the server to allow it to broadcast video from a webcam instantaneously
asherzgfx5 years ago
I can't get any of the apps to install, it says that they may be missing or obsoleted? Any ideas?
z2daj (author)  asherzgfx5 years ago
try running sudo apt-get upgrade also, what version of ubutnu are you using? they released 9.04 a month ago
asherzgfx z2daj5 years ago
that worked great, thanks.
asherzgfx5 years ago
When I went to select the extra's to install on the last screenshot, I pressed enter by accident and it didn't install any of them... Is there any way I can install them without having to re install the whole of Ubuntu?
z2daj (author)  asherzgfx5 years ago
yea you can, although you need to know the exact package names. the command would be sudo apt-get install where is the name of the package without the "<>".
Can you make a tut. on how to get the domain name? I am really lost on it and have been working on it for days. The only way I know to get to the server is through my local network, I dont understand how to access it worldwide. If it had its own IP (not a network IP) I could easily set up the domain.
ownsuall6 years ago
Followed your steps but came out with a problem here... I can access my webpage from home ( but can't view it anywhere else..
z2daj (author)  ownsuall6 years ago
make sure you forward ports correctly, such as making sure that the TCP/UDP is correctly set and also, i've done this before... make sure your server is on... ha
ownsuall z2daj6 years ago
Computers on and working it dosen't matter if the ip address is diffrent then right?
z2daj (author)  ownsuall6 years ago
it does... let's say your server IP is in the port forwarding box for ip address, you'd put or if your router fills in the first part then just 108 the IP address in the port forwarding has to be the same has the server's IP address, otherwise web traffic on those ports will not be directed to and from your server. give it a try now and tell me how it works. good luck!
ownsuall z2daj6 years ago
turns out my xbox was using the same ip address XD Fixed that. One question about the no-ip account for the IP/URL part do we put are external ip or the ip address in there
z2daj (author)  ownsuall6 years ago
you'd put in your external IP. tell me if you get all up and running smoothly because i know once you get your website going, you're going to want to expand on it A LOT. i went from a simple page to a a little more complex simple page with some video hosting. but i want to have a CMS with php so i can have my own forum and user-base/database
ownsuall z2daj6 years ago
I believe i found my problem my server was using as the default gateway but i need to change that to my gateway and i have no idea how to do that so please help me one more time on this...
z2daj (author)  ownsuall6 years ago
what is your gateway's address? are you using a DNS network? what brand is your router? in order to change the gateway address in ubuntu server, you need to edit the eth0 config file
ownsuall z2daj6 years ago
My server says its But i need it to be Not sure what a DNS network is... im using a linksys WRT160N router. How would i configure the Eth0 file i found it using WinSCP but it just says permission denied when i try to over write it =(
z2daj (author)  ownsuall6 years ago
ok, this is what you do. log into your server and enter these commands one at a time: sudo ip route add default via sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces and then under eth0 add this in: gateway then press Ctrl+X to exit and then type Y to save then enter this command to restart networking sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart then restart your server and viola!
ownsuall z2daj6 years ago
Uh the Sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces command dosent work it just stays there and does nothing. Do i have to type it in on the computer or does webmin's command shell cover that?
z2daj (author)  ownsuall6 years ago
try sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces the webmin command shell should cover it, so does PuTTy, but since your port forwarding it a little off, i'd stay with Webmin.
ownsuall z2daj6 years ago
uh did that and got this "Error opening terminal: unknown."
I have nano installed so thats not the problem. maybe i just need to type it into the computer it's self?
z2daj (author)  ownsuall6 years ago
yes, that would probably be the best thing to do
ownsuall z2daj6 years ago
Sorry for the wait but got Gateway working but cant use the "sudo ip route add default via" command it says "Error: an inet prefix is expected rather than "deafult""
Just reloaded the whole entire thing thought I might try it again but still can't get it too work i have open ports maybe my isp is blocking it idk If theres an information i can give that can help you help me please tell me
I think I figured it out when i do a tracert command i do one hop to my server my ISP must be blocking them CURSE YOU CHARTER!!!!!!!!!!
will this server work with windows?
z2daj (author)  computer_guy5 years ago
what do you mean "work with windows"? do you mean will you be able to see webpages? yes. will you be able to share files via WinSCP? yes. it all depends on what you want to know :P
I ment if i install ubuntu on a computer (server edition) will it be able to support my windows on my other computer.
cotton5 years ago
no offince but this was horrible at the perl part its to much space taken so i chose ssh lol and it needs mre then 600 mb
TWMCNANEY6 years ago
ok i fixed it, i had a problem with the mail, config, so anyway i have another question, i dont know what my ip address for the server is there anyway too find out? I want to be able to go to and get a host name or whatever. Im connected throught the network at home.
z2daj (author)  TWMCNANEY6 years ago
ok, ssh into your server with PuTTY, and input this command: ifconfig and there you go, the shell response will include your server's IP address
TWMCNANEY z2daj6 years ago
Ok I'll trytry that just as soon as I get ssh and putty riming, I found it by going to the home computer were the router is linked to and copyed the ip, and it works, thanks for the help, This is a great instructable.
TWMCNANEY6 years ago
ok so when i try https://ubuntu:10000/ its says page cant be found, what do i do?
z2daj (author)  TWMCNANEY6 years ago
is your server connected to the internet on your network? are you trying to access your server from another network, or from the network that your server is on? and are you sure that your server is just "ubuntu" or is it ubuntu-server? try using the IP address of the server instead.
dchall86 years ago
Please help me to understand why I would want to do this? I have a website at my ISP. Could I put the website on one of these servers, give it a meaningful name, and not have to deal with the throughput restrictions at the ISP? And then could anyone access it??? I could use something like that.
PKM dchall86 years ago
Essentially, you don't have to deal with all your ISP's sh... rubbish. You can host as much as you have the hard disk space for, it doesn't have to have adverts all over it, you can have whatever domain name you want (but obviously might have to pay for or whatever), can configure and run web-based applications on your box so you can have rich content on your web site- essentially, other than bandwidth restrictions this lets you do what you want. It's more effort than using your ISP's webspace, certainly, but it gives you a huge degree of flexibility.
z2daj (author)  PKM6 years ago
i couldn't have said it better myself =D
z2daj (author)  dchall86 years ago
you probably could use the ISP website from your server. you'd just need to configure apache to use that web-space. the limitations from the ISP, i don't think that could be avoided, since they provide you with an internet connection and the web-space to begin with. however, do you know if you have a site already? or is it just an unused space, waiting for it to be used. if that's the case, then you can set this server up for an FTP and such
Bongmaster6 years ago
nice :) tho i used puppy for mine :D and xampp works great :)
z2daj (author)  Bongmaster6 years ago
yea, it's amazing how much you can do with open source =D