Introduction: Turn an Old Chair Into a Flowerchair

We had an old chair standing around here we used the chair no longer but I didn´t want to throw the chair away maybe I could still use it for some  creative use.

Step 1: Sawn the Bottom Out of the Seat

Then a sawd the bottom out of the seat and put a cocosfiber in it. Then i have placed chickenwire on the underside of the seat.

Step 2: Then I Filled It With Compost and Put Flowers Into the Chair.

Then I filled it with compost and put flowers into the chair.


breumer (author)2012-10-24

671 vieuws and no reating ?

audreyobscura (author)2012-10-18

It's so cute!

breumer (author)audreyobscura2012-10-18

Thanks audreyobscura ;)

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