Turn an ugly dress into a cool jumper for school

Picture of Turn an ugly dress into a cool jumper for school
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With school and fall just around the corner, I decided to create a cool alternative to the plaid school jumper. It's a very inexpensive way to show off your unique style!

You will need:
one ugly dress
seam ripper
tape measure
matching thread
sewing machine
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Step 1: Finding an ugly dress!

Picture of Finding an ugly dress!
First thing, first...find an ugly dress.  I found my ugly dress at the local thrift store, but you can get one anywhere: your closet, your mom's closet, rummage sale, Goodwill, anywhere! 

I chose this dress because I liked the buttons going up the chest to the neck.  And there was enough of it to work with.

Step 2: Taking the dress apart!

Picture of Taking the dress apart!
ugly dresses 002.JPG
ugly dresses 003.JPG
Get out your seam ripper, you're gonna need it!  

Cut off anything you don't want on your final dress.  The first thing I took off was the shoulder pads.  Next, the elastic on the waist.  I also removed the sleeves and cut the skirt in half. 

Take off as little or as much as you want, be creative!

Step 3: Fitting to size!

Picture of Fitting to size!
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Now, it's time for the tape measure! 

I measured my daughter's legs from waist to knee, shoulder width, and the length from under her arm pit to her waist.  Then I measured the dress and  added an inch to each measurement for the seam allowance. 

Next, take the scissors and start cutting! 

Step 4: Sewing it back together!

Picture of Sewing it back together!
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Now, pin the seams together and sew a 5/8th seam allowance.  For the sleeves, I turned and top stitched a very slim hem. 

Turn and top stitch the hem on the skirt.  I didn't measure the skirt hem...just eye balled it. 

Step 5: Final touch ups!

Picture of Final touch ups!
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Now for the raw edges! 

Since I don't have a serger, I used a wide zigzag stitch to finish up the raw edges to prevent fraying.

And ta-da! Your done!!

Now, you or your daughter will have a one-of-a-kind dress/jumper for school.  Enjoy!
sheilamommy4 years ago
This has given me an idea to try on an outdated favorite of mine. Thanks.
What a beautiful result! Your instructions are great, too.
sunnyb4 years ago
Cool idea and very pretty result.
Yes, well done!!
tecneeq4 years ago
Well done :).