Introduction: Turn and Stack!- This Stool Is Made for Your Workshop

Picture of Turn and Stack!- This Stool Is Made for Your Workshop

all the files are needed to visualise the model in Solid Works.

Step 1: Choosing the Material

Picture of Choosing the Material

Step 2: Milling on CNC Router

Picture of Milling on CNC Router

Step 3: Working With Elements

Picture of Working With Elements

Step 4: Assembly!

Picture of Assembly!

Step 5: Turn and Stack!

Picture of Turn and Stack!

Step 6: Dimensions [ Overall and Detailed ]

Picture of Dimensions [ Overall and Detailed ]

Step 7: Stress Test

Picture of Stress Test

Step 8: Info

project was born in School Of Form, Poznan, Poland

author: Basia Dzaman

tutors: Oskar Zieta, Dorota Kabała

release date: 2014- 06-27

special thanks to: Danil Daneiluk, Antonio Suarez and Filip Bielicki


kooth (author)2014-07-06

Very nice! I need one of these!

barbbasia (author)kooth2014-07-12

Why one ;) Make a few at once!!


very cool! I like that it all fits together so well and thanks for including the cutting files!

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