Introduction: Turn Any Lego Ship Into a Catapult!

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Yes. a lego catapult. This epic ship will be turned into a lego chucker. This is my first instructable!

Step 1: Materieals Needed

Picture of Materieals Needed
  • A epic lego ship to mod
  • Strong rubber band
  • Bricks to secure\

This is the ship we will mod.
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Step 2: Main Mechinism

Picture of Main Mechinism

We place the barrel shown earlier into the red brick with the holes. the lighter the barrel, the farther the fire. the area where the slingshot is placed in in the second pic.

Step 3: Putting It All Togheter

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Place the Rubber band mechanism onto the big part. This will now be ready to be attached into the main ship. Now put it all back togheter and you have your rubber band catapult!

Step 4: And Enjoy!

Picture of And Enjoy!

Now you have your finished modification! thank you for doing this, as this is my first instructable! :D


beanman911 (author)2011-05-22

cool how do u fire ???

9mvp9 (author)beanman9112011-06-01

You pull back the Lego technic arm and place something in it, if you pull it back far enough, its so powerful it breaks. (At least for me)

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