Turn Any Flashlight Into Headlamp With Duct Tape





Introduction: Turn Any Flashlight Into Headlamp With Duct Tape

I've always been stuck holding the flashlight without enough hands to hold other stuff, and i never got around to go to the store and buy a headlamp. So i decided to make a removable one for any flashlight out of duct tape

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

  • Flashlight
  • duct tape
  • rubber band
  • scissors


  • I used a paper tape measure from Ikea

Step 2: First Measure/first Cut

measure the circumference of the place you want it to sit, then cut that length plus a bit (to overlap) of tape. make a ring, and then do the sticky side.

Step 3: Cross Bridges

  1. Put the ring on your head and put a piece across, then do the sticky side.
  2. Keep the ring on your head and put a piece going Front-to-Back, then cover the sticky side.

Step 4: Appearance

I cut the front pieces a little thinner so it doesn't look so bulky

Step 5: Light Holder

  1. cut 2 slits in the sides, and fold them over, you can cut them or tape them down
  2. put thinned piece through, with sticky part up
  3. Cut the rubber band into 2 pieces, place them on one side, tape over them
  4. make a ring with the rubber band taped to the other side and tape over it

Step 6: Enjoy!

i enjoyed it and hopefully you will too

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lovely attempt..just one line for u..u are a creative kid

hi sruli and yanky sweet idea

Nice and simple. Great idea!