Use a triangular file to create a die out of any nut. A die is used to restore the threads on a bolt. You should carefully screw it onto and back off of the damaged threads, using a few drops of oil to lubricate. Remove the metal shavings.
<p>sso in a pinch could I thread a steel rod with this?</p>
<p>can you show us some exampls of threaded dowels please?.</p><p> I tried that in the past on a 1&quot; beech dowel soaked in linseed oil, it tears and crushes the fibers. A notced bolt will work as a tap but this one won't work as a die. </p>
Awesome cool idea! Maybe stainless steel would be good for strength. Or m8 locknuts which are pretty much hard tool steel.
It is also a good idea to harden it before use by heating to red hot and quenching
especially good if you quench it in something like used motor oil which will add carbon.
good to know -- do you have more photos of the process?
No, thats basically it. One nut, one file.

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