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Introduction: Turn Crates Into a Greenhouse

First, you have to find a place that has crates/pallets that they are willing to give away. Then take home and disassemble so that you can have wood to build whatever you like. I also cut one crate in half and capped it off to use as planters, as you can see from the pictures from inside the greenhouse. 100% of the wood used in this greenhouse is recycled, the framing is from crates, two planters from crates, the two tables inside the greenhouse were made from a coffee table cut in half, the door is made out of scrap wood, and the screens came from my in-laws house (just laying around), all that i had to buy was fasteners, roofing, and the netting to keep the birds out.

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    Muy buena idea...Felicitaciones

    Nice job. I too like recycling, pallets deconstruction lumber. Metal computers. We all need to help the land fills the way you did kudos

    Yes, it does stay warm, i put plastic drop cloths on the inside part of the walls to help.


    I love your green house but I wish you had more details on how you went about building it. It is very nice though!

    When I first saw your instructable, i was going to vote for it, but other than pictures, there are no instructions :(

    Yours is a great Instructable but it should be published under Workshop or under Living.

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    Yeah, i realized after i published it, i could have picked a better category, but i can't change it now, thanks!

    Nevermind, i just figured out how.