Picture of Turn fabric scraps into flowers!
I always have scraps stuck to every surface after I'm finished with a sewing project. Any time I move to throw them away I hear my mother's voice in my head telling me not to waste something still usable. So what better mother's day gift than to turn things that would have been wasted into art?

This is a great way to use scraps left over from a project to decorate anything. For this project, I made a flower for a headband, but they can be used on bags, flip flops, clothing. Get creative!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Scraps of fabric, in as many sizes or colors as you want. Jersey fabric (t-shirt fabric) is great for this project, as the raw edges don't unravel.

Needle and thread


Pins or buttons for the center of the flower (optional)

This project is very open to creativity, so go wild with your materials! Neon pink, black velvet, shimmery satin, use them all! Maybe even together!

Step 2: The base petals

Picture of The base petals
Take four rectangular scraps of the color you want to be the base. These will be the largest of the petals.

Cut the rectangles into ovals.

One oval at a time, do a running stitch through the center. Your running stich should be very loose with only one knot on the end, so that when you pull on the thread, you can make the material bunch or "gather".

Do this will all four of the ovals.

Then place the ovals on top of each other so that it looks like a flower. (See pictures below if you are confused.)

Step 3: The smaller petals

Picture of The smaller petals
As you did with the base petals, cut TWO (not four this time) smaller rectangles of a different fabric.

Cut these smaller rectangles into ovals.

Gather them with a running stitch as described in step 2.

Place one on top of the other so that they form a plus (+) sign.

Sew them together, then sew them on top of the base petals.
BWP6 years ago
These look really fun and quick to do, I'm fairly new to sewing so don't have many 'bits' yet but look forward to making these ... and some t-shirt bags too lol
i really like these- very cute, simple, quick and cheap! :)