Using foreign coins acquired from eBay, I'll show you how to create some cool fridge magnets.

Step 1: Collect your materials!

It's time to collect your materials!

The first step in creating a foreign coin fridge magnet is to acquire coins of a foreign (to you) nature. I accomplished this through eBay (coin search. I spent about $15 after shipping on a lot of 50+ coins.

You'll also need magnets and some type of adhesive to affix the magnets to the coin. I picked up some typical round magnets from the craft section in Wal*Mart. I also grabbed some Aleene's Tacky Glue. I chose the clear to make it easier to cover up my mistakes :).
i think the 3 coin in the third colon is a Ukrainian 5 kop. Kinda like 5 cents
Neat! I just started collecting coins. Well, I have for like 6 years but i just started getting serious about it. Look at my forums if you wanna see what I have. Btw, 5/5 +Added to faves
If you have Euro coins or the new New Zealand coins they are a steel alloy (i.e. ferrous, I.e. able to be picked up with magnets) therefore you wont need any glue, thats how the coins are stuck to my fridge. I presume there are heaps of coins that are made from ferrous materials.
Are the New Zealand ones now? Do you mean the "new" coins released 2006? Because the new ten-cent piece is made from copper, though the steel alloy might explain why the old 50 cent pieces are so heavy...along with their size.
Yes the ones that were released in 2006 i hear are ferrous, since they are alloyed they may look like copper but still contain enough steel The old heavier coins Are a non ferrous alloy since they are the same as the ones we have here in Australia ( i think that the old NZ coins used to be made in the Australian mint for NZ of the same metal). actually just stick a magnet to each coin and see what happens , since i have no New Zealand coins i just don't know.
there ate many like that of mine, but are mainly old: canada, dennmark, brazil, germany, austria.
how about you put the coins in an envelope..... and mail them to me!!!!!
Quite simple, but nice looking. Nice :D
Wow! Awesome idea.
Well, this is just a ditto comment, but...<br/><br/>This is a great and simple idea. I can't believe I never thought of it. We have quite a few foreign coins that we kept as &quot;souvenirs&quot; that have been sitting in a drawer. I dug them out last night and used E-2000 craft glue to attach some small rare earth magnets to them. Using the small magnets centered on the back of the coin lets you tilt them to remove them easily and the rare earth magnets <em>really</em> stick to the fridge.<br/>
Oh my god. I did this last night. I took pictures and every thing. Man I feel stupid for not posting it earlier. Great instructable.
Nice, simple but effective
that is such a great idea!!! I have a bunch of coins from a trip I took to Amsterdam and they are just sitting in a jar. Now I can proudly display them!!! Great idea & great pictures

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