Introduction: Turn Off Autocorrect on Samsung Galaxy S4!!

This instructable will show you how to turn off autocorrect on your Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 1: Go to Apps

1. Select the Apps icon on your homepage

Step 2: Select Settings

1. Scroll through the pages

2. Find the Settings icon

3. Open Settings

Step 3: Select My Device

1. Select the My Device tab at the top

Step 4: Select Language and Input

1. Scroll down until you see Input and control

2. Under Input and control select Language and input

Step 5: Go to Samsung Keyboard Settings

1. Under Keyboards and input methods select the Settings icon

  • The Settings icon is to the right of Samsung keyboard

Step 6: Turn Off Auto Replacement

1. Under Smart typing turn Auto replacement off

  • To turn off Auto replacement, flip the switch to the left
  • Auto replacement is another name for Autocorrect

Step 7: Turn Off Predictive Text (Optional)

1. Under Smart typing turn off Predictive text

  • To turn off Predictive text flip the switch to the left
  • Predictive text is when you phone will suggest words for you to type based on the context of what you are typing


Danger is my middle name made it! (author)2014-09-09

Thanks! It's hard to figure this stuff out sometimes!

HowTo101 made it! (author)HowTo1012014-09-10

Your Welcome

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