When I upgraded my OS to Windows 10 on my Asus laptop, I lost the ability to turn off my touchpad using fn+f9. I looked online for ways to help solve this issue with no success. Hopefully this will help anyone who is having similar problems.

Step 1: Open the Task Manager

Open your task manager, ctrl+alt+del, or by searching for it.

Step 2: Select Startup Options

Select the startup tab along the top.

Step 3: Disable ETD Control Center

If you don't immediately see ETD Control Center, you can sort the programs by their status.

Disable it by either right clicking or pressing the button at the bottom right-hand corner.

<p>Thanks, FeliciaT20, Followed your initial steps but checked the box to disable touchpad when an external pointing device is used. Much appreciated.</p>
<p>I have an HP running on windows 10. This is how I disabled my touch pad.</p><p> Go to:</p><p>Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, then to Devices and Printers.</p><p>Under Devices, right click your computer icon.</p><p>Select Mouse Settings.</p><p>Click on the Device Settings tab.</p><p>Under Devices, it will list &quot;Synaptics Touchpad V7.5 on PS/2 port.&quot;</p><p>Hi-lite/select it and click Disable.</p><p>Click OK.</p><p>All done. :)</p>
<p>Finally solved this. Nothing else worked for me but the directions i've listed below. </p><p>-Go to Settings</p><p> -Control panel </p><p>-Uninstall/Change program</p><p>-ASUS Smart Gesture</p><p>-Repair. </p><p>-Restart Computer </p><p>THEN</p><p> -Start (bottom left)</p><p> -Control Panel (type it in the search box)</p><p> -ASUS Smart Gesture </p><p>-Mouse Detection</p><p>-Disable touchpad when mouse is plugged in.</p><p>If you don't have ASUS Smart Gesture you can google it and download it.</p>
<p>Thank you thank you thank you BillD116!</p>
No repair option under ASUS Smart Gesture, only delete.
<p>BillD116, Thank you. Nothing else worked. I didn't have the ETD Control center anywhere. but you my friend saved me.</p>
<p>Worked!!! Thank you very much. This is going to make ALL the difference</p>
<p>Thank you kind sir. </p>
<p>Thank you SO much. Have spent hours trawling for a solution and this worked like magic.</p>
<p>Thanks for the tip. The old method gave me nice black screen....</p>
<p>Thank you BillD116. I've tried several sites and a bunch of ideas and none worked till your suggestion. Very Helpful, I was able to finally disable my touchpad.</p>
GailS63, it's great to hear that this has been helpful experience.
<p>Somehow my ASUS Smart Gesture app has been deleted/uninstalled for unknown reasons, I don't know how did it got deleted/uninstalled, this gave me confusions because I'm currently using ASUS ROG GL552VX which should have all ASUS related programs installed in it, I had this problem for 3 days, I kept on searching for answers through different sources, and then I saw this, thank you very much, this really helped.</p>
Trust me, I know your frustration MohM28. Happy to help.
<p>I just registered here to thank you. Your comment solved my problem! You are the best!</p>
Thanks DiogoL18. I've had this problem for a while too. I thought I'd share the solution.
<p>Finally a solution that fit my computer! Thank you <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/BillD116" rel="nofollow">BillD116</a> for this!</p>
Thank you. I'm glad this is helping people.
<p>just simply registered to thank you !!! <br>tried so many methods but none of them works ... <br>and YOURS WORKS !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!</p>
I appreciate your comment. I've had this problem for a while, and one day I just tackled it. I found out that when I searched for answers, this was one of the first websites that popped up. I registered hoping it would help others.
<p>Great and very helpful post! Thank you. It works 100 %.</p>
Thank you, I'm glad this helped.
Thank you BillD116. You are a God!
There is no ETD Control Center in the startup list.
<p>Just hit your trackpad with a sledgehammer</p>
<p>Don't have an ETD control center...</p>
<p>Step by Step pics<br></p>
<p>You need to download ELAN driver from Asus website for Windows 8 !! It will work on Win10 as well. As soon as you download and install, restart, u will see at the right bottom corner Asus Smart Gestrure app instaled, just click on it and go to the option to turn pad off.</p><p><a href="http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/ROG-G750JW/HelpDesk_Download/" rel="nofollow">http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/ROG-G750JW/HelpDesk_...</a></p>
<p>I have a solution guys!<br>-Click the windows button in the bottom left hand corner<br>-Go to Settings<br>-Devices<br>-Mouse &amp; Touch pad<br>-Scroll down and underneath &quot;Related settings&quot; should be &quot;Additional mouse options&quot;<br>-Go to additional mouse options<br>-Now go to &quot;device settings&quot; which should be at the top right<br>-Your click pad/ touch pad should be listed here.. (If not then I'm out of ideas sorry)<br>However, if it is there, click it, disable it.<br>-Make sure to click &quot;Apply&quot; after disabling it..<br>-Then click &quot;Ok&quot;<br>-Test if this has worked :D I hope this helped!</p>
<p>I followed your instructions up to the part where you say &quot; Now go to device settings&quot; . Instead I went here and clicked on the ELAN tab and checked the box that says &quot;Disable when external usb pointing device plug in.&quot; This worked for me. Hope it helps others.</p>
<p>What do I do when I get to &quot;device settings&quot;, but that is not there/not an option? This is all I get. Is that what yours pop-up looks like when you click on device settings?</p>
<p>Hope this helps!</p>
<p>Yep, that's what mine looks like. No option to turn off the trackpad any more.</p>
<p>Worked for me like a charm! Thanks!!</p>
<p>Thank you! Finally a response that works and is easy to follow.</p>
<p>I signed in just to tell you that you are awesome and I appreciate you.</p><p>Thanks for the help!</p>
<p>THANK YOU!!! Vixunn...you are a GENIUS! Ever since I upgraded to windows10, my browser would zoom in and out all by itself. This zooming problem has been vexing! After searching the web for an answer, I found something telling me to disable the zoom swipe on my touchpad. I leave my touchpad off...always have...hate touchpads! But when I changed to windows10, it became active and I didn't know it. Then, I couldn't figure out how to disable it without uninstalling it. I got as far as seeing additional mouse options, but figured the mouse wasn't the problem so never clicked on it. Now I am sooooo happy not to have this problem. The mystery is solved! </p>
<p>That worked! Thank you.</p>
<p>Perfect, that worked!</p>
<p>Should have also noted that the touchpad is always on to my prior comment.</p>
<p>Since I went to Windows 10, I don't have the option of turning the <br>touchpad on or off under settings. The only option is the delay option. How do I get <br>the on/off switch back?</p><p>Also, I don't have ETD Control Center in the Start Up Tab of the Task Manager.</p>
I originally posted this constructable over a year ago. This will most likely no longer work. At the time my drivers could not be updated. I suggest you update your drivers or contact your manufacturer.
<p>How do I update drivers without having to buy some programme first?</p>
You should never have to buy a driver. Also, be careful where you download then, as they can potentially contain malicious software. I suggest going googling your computer manufacturer name + drivers.<br><br>Ex. Asus drivers<br><br>Follow the link to the official manufacturer site and search for you model.
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<p>@ Vixunn :Thankyou you are clever!!! It works .</p>
<p>For Asus laptops with &quot;Asus Console&quot; installed. Open Asus Console, go to Asus Smart Gesture (in the Tutorial tile) &gt; click on Smart Gesture which open dialogue box &gt; click on Mouse Detection tab (2nd tab on mine) &gt; Tick box that says &quot;Disable touch pad when mouse is plugged in.&quot; and Voila, no more mouse pad :D. Hope this helps.</p>
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<p>This is INCORRECT information. I called Asus Support. They told me to go to the web site and update the ATK drivers which support keyboard shortcuts. You will have to know your model number and serial number. Web site has instructions how to read the bar code label on the bottom of the laptop. btw ASUS told me NOT to update other drivers, only what's not working.</p>
<p>To disable the PS2 touchpad driver, you need to be the &quot;Owner&quot; of i8042prt.sys file under C:\Windows\System32\drivers. </p><p>-right click the file i8042prt.sys --&gt; select Properties</p><p>- Select security, and edit security where your login has full control over the file.</p><p>- click apply</p><p>- go to device manager (right click windows--&gt;device manager)</p><p>- expand mouse &amp; other pointing devices</p><p>- right click PS/2 compatible mouse </p><p>- click on disable </p><p>Voila!</p>

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