Turn Off Your Light Switch From Bed With Pulleys.





Introduction: Turn Off Your Light Switch From Bed With Pulleys.

Yep, pulley and string simple as that.

You will need:
4 pulleys (can be done with 3-5)
string or fishing line(enough to wrap up the wall, across the ceiling, and down the other wall)
Drill & Screws

Here is a video of it in action:

If anyone has ideas that would improve my idea please let me know. I would like a cheaper, lighter, smaller pulley that can directly connect to the wall.

Step 1: Find Where You Wish to Control Your Switch and Screw

Bed, couch, bathroom, special little place in the corner of your room.. etc
I put in next to my bed.

Screw 2 pulleys into the upper wall or ceiling so that the cord will hang where you can reach it.

Screw another pulley(s) above the light switch in the room.

Screw a pulley under the light switch. (you may be able to just slide it under the light plate or take off the plate and use the screw of the plate to hold the pulley)

Step 2: Thred From the Bed to the Switch.

Thread the cord from the one bed side pulley to the one above the light switch and down. Tie it to the tube covered switch.
Thread the other pulley but go through the pulley below the switch and back up to the switch. Tie.

Step 3: Add Ballast.

Add weight to keep the cord on the track.

I used an action figure and a tech deck.

Show me yours!



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    confusing instructions!!!! I want to build this with makeshift pulleys with tacks which I've seen it done before.

    i made this 20 years ago at a sleepover when i was a kid

    Much better than a remote switch !!…
    Has a Buster Keaton flair to it that I simply love !!!

    Omg seriously you are my hero! I dreamt up this exact idea in my teen years but never actually built it. Maybe my wife will let me put it on our room...

    that reminds me of Mr Bean turning off his light with a gun...
    guys.. wireless remote control was invented in 1956!!!

    2 replies

    Behold the man who is a bean!

    Screen shot 2012-01-14 at 7.44.37 PM.png

    I am happy to see that Rube Goldberg is alive and well in us all.

    a better solution might be to add another pulley at the end, and make it so that the two ends run through the pulley as one piece (by tying the ends together where the know won't get in the way)

    1 reply

    you can use some spray paint to mark "on"/"off". or even use beads in the string before closing the loop

    I did this MANY years ago when I was a kid, although I had a 4-post bed that I simply wrapped a long piece of yarn around the top indent of the post and around the dimmer (head of the bed was on the same wall). It was convenient, and my parents called me lazy :)

    Nice. But a better option would be a remote controlled switch. Best home purchase I've made. A Lutron remote controlled programmable dimmer lightswitch. $40 from Lowes.

    Haha, I remember trying to do this as a kid in my room, although it would only turn the light off once it was on.

    I honestly think that this is too complicated. but good 'ible!

    I sketch this out as kid but never tried it. Love it!

    i tried to make a turn on lights automatically'ible, and i failed miserably. type in "simply simple" to view my horrible interwebs failure. also i have a ninja hood that should be next to it

    Could have used this idea when I lived in the dorms. Very nice!

    I did this sort of thing when I was younger, only I put a pop-can tab on the light switch, and I also stuck paper clips in the walls and ceiling.