So next Monday, it will be the "percent" (or "persan" or "père cent", well the 100th before the baccalauréat) in my high school, and I decided to disguise myself as Guybrush Threepwood (a well known pirate from Monkey Island), as he looks like in the second opus. At first I checked the pirate's boots on the Internet and all I found was the well-crafted $300~450 boots that takes 3 weeks to be crafted and sent because it's real handwork. Sure it could be great boots but I didn't have the time and the money to afford those, so I decided to use my old boots from the army surplus (and also my actual shoes) to mod them so they look more like some awesome pirate boots. Yeah well maybe it looks a bit cheap but at least it doesn't cost hundreds of money and it won't take weeks to have it (it took me two afternoons to make those).

Step 1: Get Yer Stuff!

You'll need the following items:
-military boots (or other boots that could be transformed into pirate boots)
-leather (sorry, I don't know how and where you can buy leather since I have a box full of leather sheet. I checked a bit on the internet and the price really varies depending of the leather quality and/or the quantity. But I'm squarely sure that won't cost an arm.)
-A sewing kit (thus including needles (you'll need BIG needles to sew leather, seriously I just broke one regular needle by doing this), thread (black thread fits well the leather than white/clear thread), scissors and a thimble (be careful if like me you're using a cheap plastic-made thimble, the back of the needle can perfectly well puncture the thimble and your thumb both while sewing leather))
And to attach the covering:
-a stapler
-some shoelaces
Ok now I've posted the tuto on the coat. And yes you can see me wearing the full costume.
So, where's the shot of you I the full costume?
Soon, I still haven't finished the coat. But when I'm done with this I'll make an Instructables on how to make Guybrush's coat from an old blue lab coat.

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