Turn the Lights on or Off From Your Bed (can Be Done in 5 to 10 Minutes)





Introduction: Turn the Lights on or Off From Your Bed (can Be Done in 5 to 10 Minutes)

I always hated having to get up from my bed, turn off my lights, then stumble over all the stuff on my floor as I went back to bed. This simple solution takes 5 to 10 minutes, and can be done with stuff from around the house.

Parts list:

Sticky tack
Thumb tacks
Something Heavy

Step 1: Prepare Your String

Tie a small loop that will fit over the light switch in the string near then end, and tie the heavy thing to the string 3-4 inches from the end.

Step 2: Loop the String Over the Switch

Loop the string over the switch.

Step 3: Secure It With Sticky Tack

Secure the string to the switch with sticky tack.

Step 4: Use the Thumb Tacks As Makeshift Pulleys

Stick one thumb tack into the wall, and one into the ceiling to use as a pulley

Then attach the end of the string to the wall with another thumb tack

Video of it in action:



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    This is a very easy approach that works always and everywhere...

    Create a short circuit!


    You could tie three strings to a bolt, one next to the head, one twords the end, and hot glue the third on the bottom of it. for the two you tied, thumb tac them to the ceiling and measure so it's right in front of the switch and the hot glued string have next to your bed (if it is your bed) and when you pull the string, let go and the bolt will hit the light switch. Whala! lights OUT!!!1

    love the idea pity it wont work with my lightswitch cause they dont stick out like these

    Thanks! There are a couple similar instructables, but they all require two strings and/or more parts that must be purchased.

    the one string, bolt thing is childish but thumb tacks are good use instead of buying pulleys

    My son did this very same thing when he was about 13-14 and I still caught him trying to stay up late.