Turn Trash Into Usefull Stuff and Save the Planet!!!





Introduction: Turn Trash Into Usefull Stuff and Save the Planet!!!

In my first instructable I used a kind of plastic bottle to make rear bike fender. I cut some out of the bottle, but bigger part of it remained unused. I made a video to show you how I turn trash into a good carrying device.(maybe it's a stupid idea :))) )

WARNING!!!! Bad English!  :))



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    It's a GOOD idea but I really would like to see the "god carrying device" that would be incredible ... Hee Hee ... CHEERS!

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    Hahaha!! ))) I've corrected it.

    Couldn't resist teasing you a bit ... but I will be using this idea in the near future to carry wood using a water bottle with a side handle. Thanks for the idea !!!

    I'm happy if my ideas help somebody. I've added a new "bottle" idea in new instructable.

    I use these type of bottles as storage hoppers by just removing a portion from the top, they are great for screws, nails, plugs etc. Round bottles make good funnels.

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    In my another instructable I leave the top of the bottle. So it may be opened and closed and I can carry it.